Mode of consecration of an image ||35||

1Agni said: Having sprinkled with the residual offering one should perform consecration of the sacred, subtle, and chanted mystic formulae of the manlion form.
2-3Consecration of the vessels covered by the clothes should be done with mystic syllables. The vessels on which water is sprinkled once or twice with bel (leaves), should be placed near the pitcher. Having pronounced the protective spell the priest should place stick for (cleansing) the teeth and myrabalan on the east with (the recitation of syllable for) Sankarsana.
4The ashes, sesamum, and cow dung-mixed earth (should be consecrated) on the south with (syllable for) Pradyumna, in the west with (that of) Aniruddha and in the north with that of Narayana.
5Then the waters along with the kusa grass (should be assigned) to the south-east with the heart, the saffron and pigment on the north-east with the head, the incense on the southwest with the tuft.
6Then the principal beautiful flowers (should be assigned) to the north-west with the armour. The sandal, water, unbroken rice, curd, and durva (grass) are placed in small cups (made of leaves).
7-8The chamber having been encircled by three threads, the articles kept ready should be thrown again. Then in one’s own order of adoration one should offer perfumes and (other) articles, at the foot of the gate or at the pitcher of Vishnu with sacred syllables. One should then worship the radiant, beautiful form of Vishnu capable of destroying all sins.
9“I conceive on thy limbs, the deity who grants all coveted things”. After having worshipped him by (showing) the incense, lamp etc., one should approach the gateway.
10One should offer pavitra along with perfumes, flowers and unbroken grains. The radiant pavitra of Vishnu (is capable) of destroying all sins.
11I hold on my limbs (the pavitra) for the accomplishment of virtue, desire and worldly benefits. The pavitra is offered to the other attendant deities and to the preceptor (seated) on a seat.
12After having worshipped well with perfumes, one has to offer to Hari along with perfumes, flowers etc. and saying, “May these become the energy of Vishnu”.
13-14Having offered to the deity stationed in the fire one should pray to the deity (saying), “O lord couched on the great serpent in the milky ocean. I shall worship you in the morning. You (please) be present here O Kesava.” Then having*offer- ed offerings to Indra and others one should dedicate them to the attendants of Vishnu.
15Then one should place a pitcher covered by two cloths and filled with water mixed with perfumes, rocana, camphor and saffron in front of the deity.
16-18Having adorned the deity with perfumes and flowers, one should worship him with the mystic formula. Having come out of the hall one should place in three circular enclosures the five products obtained from the cow, the sacrificial offering (cam) and wood for cleansing the teeth. One should read puranas and recite hymns and along with servants, a women and children remain awake. Then the consecration rite should be performed immediately without sacred perfumes.