Manifestations of Vishnu as the Boar ||4||

1I describe (unto thee) the manifestation as a Boar (which) removes (one’s) sins. Hiranyaksa was a demon chief. He conquered the celestials and got established in the heavens.
2Visnu being praised by the celestials (who had) gone (to him), (he) assumed the form as Yajnavaraha (boar). Having killed that demon along with the (other) demons (he made the earth) devoid of thorns (difficulties).
3-4(That) Hari, the protector of righteousness and the celestials (then) disappeared. Then (the demon) Hiranyakasipu , brother of Hiranyaksa after conquering the celestials (was grabbing a share of the offerings) exercised control over all the celestials. (Visnu) assumed the form of Narasimha (human body with lion’s face) (and) killed him along with the (other) demons.
5-7(He) re-established the celestials in their original places .and was praised by the celestials. Once in the battle between the celestials and the demons, the celestials were defeated by (demon) Bali and other demons (and) were driven away from the heaven (and) sought refuge in Hari (Visnu). Having given refuge to the devas he being praised by Aditi (wife of the latter) (and mother of the celestials) and Kasyapa (a sage) became a Dwarf (as a son) of Aditi (and) went to the sacrifice (performed by Bali) (and) recited the Vedas at the royal gates of Bali the sacrificer.
8-9Having heard him reciting the Vedas, the bestower of the wanted things (Bali) said to the Dwarf in spite of being obstructed by Sukra (the preceptor of the demons), “Whatever (you) desire I shall give (you)”. The Dwarf asked Bali, ‘Get (me) three feet of space for the sake of the preceptor. (Bali) said to him, “I shall give (you)”.
10-11When the water was poured on the hand the Dwarf became a Giant (and) measured the worlds of Bhuh, Bhuvah and Svar with the three strides and (sent) Bali to Sutala (a nether world) and (then) Hari (Visnu) gave the worlds to Sakra (Indra). Sakra (Indra) praised Hari (Vishnu) along with the celestials (and) remained happy as the ruler of the world.
12-13“I shall describe (unto you) the manifestation as Parasurama.” “Hear, O twice-born”! Considering the kshatriyas (ruling clan) as haughty, Hari (Visnu), the protector of the celestials and the brahmins manifested as Bhargava, son of Jamad- agni and Renuka and proficient in arms for removing the pressure on the earth and for the sake of peace. [Manifestation of Visnu as Parasurama] 14Kartavirya became a king by the grace of Dattatreya (considered as a manifestation of the Trinity as son of Atri and Anasuya). He had thousand arms. He was the lord of the entire world. (Once) he went for hunting.
15(He) being tired, was invited by the sage Jamadagni. The king was fed along with his retinue (by the sage) by the grace of the Kdmadhenu (divine cow).
16-20(The king) sought for the Kdmadhenu. When he (the sage) did not give (the cow) the king took it away. Then Rama (Parasurama) cut off (the king’s) head with his axe in the battle. The cow returned to the hermitage. Jamadagni was killed by the sons of Kartavirya on account of revenge, when (Parasu) Rama had gone to the forest. Seeing his father slain (and) getting angry on account of the loss of his father the great man made the earth devoid of the warrior clan for 21 generations. Making out five pits (kunda) at Kurukshetra and satisfying his manes, having given the earth to Kasyapa, (he) stationed himself at the Mahendra mountains. (One) who hears (the story of) the manifestations as a Fish, a Boar, a Lion and Rama (Parasurama) goes to the celestial regions.