Characteristics of pedestals and details relating to images ||45||

1The Lord said: I shall describe the characteristics of the pedestal. The length is the same as that of the image. The height (should be) half of it. It should have sixty-four folds.
2Leaving two rows at the bottom, the other parts should be polished on either side as also inside.
3Leaving two rows at the top, the other parts are polished evenly on either side and inside.
4The rectangular space in between these should then be polished. The first two rows should be divided into four parts by a wise man.
5-6The girdle should be equal to one such part. The indent should be half that. Leaving one such part evenly on either side a wise man should leave on the exterior a breadth of a foot. The water drains should be at the top of each one of the three parts.
7This auspicious and excellent pedestal (has been described) relating to its manifold ways (of construction). The (images of the) goddess Lakshmi and other feminine forms should be made (to measure) eight (tslas in length.
8The eyebrows should be more than a yava (in length). The nose (should be) less than &yava (in length). The mouth (should measure) more than a small ball well distributed above and below.
9The eye should be made long (measuring) three parts of a yava less than three yavas. The breadth of the eyes should be made half of it.
10The beautiful ears should be made to be in a line with the corners of the mouth. Then the two shoulders should be made sloping by less than a kala.
11-12The neck should be one and a half kalas long and made beautiful by a proportionate width. The thighs, knee- joints, the pedestal, should be broad. The feet, the hinder part, the bullocks and the hips should be made as prescribed. The fingers should measure less than the seventh part of the above and should be long and not crooked.
13The shank, thigh and the hip would be one netra less in length. The middle part and the sides should have the same roundness. The two breasts (should be) fully developed and plump.
14-15The beasts should be made to measure a tala. The waist should be one and a half kalas. The other marks should be the same as before. A lotus (should be placed) on the right hand and a bilva (fruit) on the left (hand). (There should be) two maidens on the sides holding chowries in their hands. (The image of) Garuda should have a long nose. I shall then describe those which bear the marks of a disc.