Mode of worshipping Salagrama ||47||

1The Lord said: I shall describe the mode of worshipping the Salagrama marked with discs for (the sake of) accomplishment. The worship of Hari (in the Salagrama) is of three kinds— (1) kamya performed for gaining particular benefit, (2) akamya performed with disinterestedness about the benefits, (3) Subhayatmika, that is of the nature of both of them.
2(The worship) of the five (manifestations of Vishnu) (such as) the Fish etc., is,either kdmyd or ubhaydtmikd, (The worship of the manifestations) of the Boar Man-lion and Dwarf forms (of Vi?nu is) for emancipation.
3-6Listen to the three-fold worship of the Salagrama endowed with discs. The excellent worship is that performed without desiring for the fruits. The worship with desire for the fruits is the last (in the rank). The worship of an image is mediocre. In a circular lotus placed on a rectangular seat, having assigned the pranava (the syllable Om) to the heart and having assigned (the sacred syllables) to the parts of the body and having shown three mudras (positions of fingers in the practice of worship), the preceptor should be worshipped outside the circle. The attendant gods (ganas) should be worshipped on the west. Dhatri on the north-west, Vidhatri on the south-west, the Karta and Harta on the south and north, Visvaksena (Vishnu) should be worshipped in the north-east, and Kshetrapalaka (the guardian deity) on the south-east.
7The Vedas, Rgveda etc. (should be worshipped) in the east etc. (The serpent) Ananta (which is) the support of the earth, the seat of worship, the lotus, the three orbs—sun, moon and fires (should be worshipped).
8The seat (should consist) of twelve letters (forming the mystic formula of the God). Having placed (the God) there, the stone should be worshipped with the individual syllables and the whole of the sacred syllable in order.
9-10Then one should worship with the vedic sacred syllables accomplished by the syllables such as the gayatri, etc. and pranava on the east and other directions. Then the three mudras of the Visvaksena (Vishnu), the disc and the Kshetrapala should be shown. This is the first variety of the worship of Salagrama. Then I shall describe the one with no merits.
11One should draw a circle as before with sixteen radii and with a lotus. One should then worship the preceptor and others with a conch, disc, mace and sword.
12The bow and the arrows (should be placed) in the east and the north. The seat should be placed with the vedic (syllables). The stone should be placed with the (sacred) twelve syllables of the lord. Listen to the third variety of worship.
13One should draw a lotus having eight radii and worship the preceptor and others as before. Having offered the seat with the eight sacred letters8 one should place the stone with the same (formula). One should worship ten times with that (formula). It is then accomplished by gayatri etc.