Adoration of twenty-four forms of Vishnu ||48||

1The Lord said: Keshava of the form of (syllable) Om bears the lotus, conch, disc and mace. Narayana (bears) the conch, lotus, mace and disc. Circumambulation to Him.
2Then I salute Madhava, who bears the mace, disc, conch, and lotus. Govinda wields the disc, the Kaumodaki (name of a. mace), lotus and conch.
3Vishnu, the bearer of the disc, the mace, lotus and conch is the bestower of emancipation. I salute Madhusudana, who bears the conch, disc, lotus and mace.
4(I prostrate) with devotion (at the feet of) Trivikrama who bears the lotus, mace, disc and conch. May Vamana, the bearer of the conch, disc, mace and lotus protect me always.
5Sridhara who holds a lotus, disc, bow and also the conch, yields emancipation. Hnikeja wields the mace, disc, lotus and. conch. May He protect us.
6And Padmanabha (is one) who yields boons and who- holds the conch, lotus, disc and mace, (I salute him). Damodara (is one) who holds a lotus, conch, mace and disc. I salute him.
7May Vasudeva, who wields a mace, conch, disc and lotus (protect) the universe. May Sankarshana, who holds a mace, conch, lotus and disc protect us.
8Lord Pradyumna is one who holds a mace, disc, conch and mace as well as a lotus. May Aniruddha, who wields, the disc, mace, conch and lotus protect us.
9May Purushottama, the Lord of celestials, who holds disc, lotus, conch and mace (protect you). May Adhokgaja who wields lotus, mace, conch and disc protect you.
10I salute that Lord Nrsimha, who wields disc, lotus, mace and conch. May Acyuta, who holds mace, lotus, disc and conch, protect you all.
11So also (may) Upendra, who is of the form of a child and (who holds) the disc and lotus, (protect you). And (may) Janardana, who wields lotus, disc, conch and mace (protect you).
12May Hari, who holds conch, lotus, disc as well as (mace) kaumodaki yield me enjoyment and emancipation. May Krishna, who holds conch, mace, lotus and disc give enjoyment and emancipation.
13The first manifestation was that of Vasudeva. Then Sarikarsana manifested. Pradyumna manifested from Sankarshana. Aniruddha appeared from Pradyumna.
14Each one of the (above) forms was divided into three forms such as Keshava and others. One who reads or hears this hymn consisting of twelve letters on the twenty-four forms gets free from impurity and gets all things.