Manifestation of Vishnu as Rama ||5||

1Agni said: I shall describe (unto you) the (story of) Ramayana, as it (was) once described by Narada to Valmiki (and which) if read in that manner yields enjoyment and release (from mundane existence).
2Narada said: Brahma (was born) from the lotus in the navel of Vishnu. (Sage) Marici (was) the son of Brahma. (Sage) Kaiayapa (was) then (born) from Marici. The Sun (god) (and) Vaivasvata Manu (were born successively in the line).
3Then from him (Vaivasvata Manu), Ikshvaku (was bora). Kakutstha (was born) in his line. Raghu (was the son) of Kakutstha. Aja (was born) to him. Then Dasaratha (was born).
4-7Hari (Vishnu) manifested himself in the four (forms) for the sake of the annihilation of Ravana and others. Rama was born from Dasaratha to Kausalya, Bharata to Kaikeyi and Lakshmana and Satrughna to Sumitra simultaneously from partaking of the sweet gruel obtained from (the performance) of the sacrifice of the father. The king being requested by (the sage) Visvamitra for the annihilation of those who impede (the performance) of the sacrifices sent Rama and Lakshmana along with the sage. Rama who had gone (with the sage) (and) was taught in the use of the weapons (astra and Sastra) (became) the killer of (the demoness) Tataka .
8(Rama) made (demon) Marica stupefied by the missile (known as) Manava and led him far away. The valiant killed, also (the demon) Subahu, the destroyer of sacrifices along with his army.
9Residing at the (place) Siddhashrama along with (the sages) Visvamitra and others, (Rama) went along with his. brother to see the sacrifice (test for prowess) of Maithila (King Janaka).
10-12At the instance of (the sage) Satananda and on account of the glory of Visvamitra, that sage being shown due respects by the king at the sacrifice and Rama being informed, sportively pulled the bow and broke it. (King) Janaka gave Sita, the girl not born of the womb, and associated with a prize bid, to Rama. And when the parents had come, Rama also married that Janaki (Sita). In the same way Laksmana (also married) Urmila.
13-14Then Satrughna and Bharata married Srutakirti and Mandavi, the two daughters of the brother of Janaka. Rama after conquering jamadagni (Parasurama, son of Jamadagni) went to Ayodhya with (sage) Vasishtha and others and Bharata with Satrughna went towards (the country of) Yudhajit (uncle of Bharata).