Manifestation of Vishnu as Rama (continued) ||7||

1-2Narada said: Rama bowed to Vasishtha, the mothers, (sage) Atri and his wife Anasuya, (sages) Sarabhanga and Sutiksna, the brother of Agastya and Agastya and reached the Dandaka forest having obtained the bow and sword by the grace of (Agastya).
3He was staying at Pancavati in the Janasthana on the banks of the (river) Godavari. The awful (demoness) Surpanakha came there to devour them all.
4-5Seeing the beautiful form of Rama, that lustful (woman) said to him, “Who are you? Whence have you come? You become my husband being entreated by me. I shall eat these two.” So saying to him she approached them. On the words of Rama, Laksmana cut off her nose and ears.
6-7She returned to her brother Khara with blood oozing out (and) said, “I shall die without a nose. I would live, O Khara! only when you would make me drink the hot blood of Sita, the wife of Rima and Lakshmana, his brother.
8Khara said to her that he will do so and went there with Dujana, Tritiras and 14000 demons in order to fight (with Rama).
9-10Rama also fought well and killed the demons with his. arrows and led the army consisting of the elephants, cavalry, chariots and infantry together with the fighting Trigiras, Khara and Dusana to death. Surpanakha went to Lanka and fell down on the earth in front of Ravana.
11-13(And) said to Ravana angrily, “You are neither a king, nor a protector. You abduct Sita, the wife of Rama, the killer of Khara and others. I will live only after drinking the blood of Rama and Laksmana and not by anything else.” Having heard her Ravana also said yes and said to Marica, “You move in front of Sita in the form of a golden deer drawing Rama and Laksmana away. I will carry her away. Otherwise you will be dead.”
14-15Marica said to Ravana, “Rama with his bow is verily the god of death himself.” “Either I have to die at the hands of Ravana or at the hands of Raghava (Rama). If I have to die, it is better (to die at the hands of) Rama than Ravana. Having thought so (Marica) became a deer and roamed in front of Sita again and again.
16Being entreated by Sita, Rama (ran after that deer and) then killed that with an arrow. As it was dying, the deer said “O Sita and O Laksmana .”
17-20Then Saumitri (Lakshmana) being told inconsistent (words) by Sita went (in search) of Rama. Ravana also abducted Sita, having wounded the vulture Jatayu , and being wounded by Jatayu, carrying Sita on the lap reached Lanka, kept (her) guarded in the Atoka (grove) and said (to her), “You become my wife. You will be kept as the foremost.” Having killed Marica, Rama saw Laksmana and said (to him), “O Saumitri! this is a phantom deer. By the time you had come here, Sita would have been taken away certainly.” Then he did not find her as he returned (to that place).
21He lamented with grief (and said), “Where have you (Sita) gone discarding me?” Being comforted by Lakgmana, Rama began to search for Janaki (Sita).
22Having seen him, Jafayu told that Ravana had carried her away. He (Jatayu) then died. (Rama) performed his obsequies. He then killed (the demon) Kabandha . Getting free from a curse, he (Kabandha) said to Rama, “You go to Sugriva.”