Manifestation of Vishnu as Rama (continued) ||8||

1Narada said: Having gone to the lake of Pampa, Rama stayed there (that) night thinking (of what to do). Then he was (met and) taken to Sugriva by Hanumat. Rama made friendship (with Sugriva).
2After having pierced the seven Tala trees with a single arrow and (even as others) were seeing, threw away the body of Dundubhi by his foot to a distance of ten yojanas.
3-4Having killed Valin , his (Sugriva’s) enemy, who had. been the cause of enmity, he bestowed on him the monkey-kingdom of Kishkindha (as well as) Rama and Tara on the Rishyamuka (mountains). That ruler of Kishkindha (Sugriva) told (Rama), “I will do in such a way, O Rama! by which you will be getting back Sita”.
5-7Having heard that, he (Rama) spent the four months on the Malyavat (mountain). As Sugriva had not come to Kiskindha to see (Rama), Laksmana (met him and) spoke to him the words of Rama, “(You) go to Raghava. The way in which Valin was killed is not yet closed. O Sugriva! You stand by at this juncture. Do not take to the course of Valin.” Sugriva said, “I did not realize the elapse of time on account of my preoccupation.”
8-9Saying so, he (Laksmana) went away. The lord of the monkeys (Sugriva) (approached) Rama, bowed and said, “All the monkeys have been brought in order to search for Sita. As desired by you, I shall send them. Let them search for Janaki in the (direction of) east etc. Let them return in a month. (If they come) after a month I will kill them.”
10So saying (he sent monkeys in all directions). The monkeys sent towards the eastern, western and northern routes came (back) to Rama and Sugriva not finding Janaki.
11Having taken the signet ring of Rama, Hanumat together with other monkeys searched in the south in the caves of Suprabha (mountain).
12-16And being engaged for more than a month and not being able to find Janaki, they said, “We will die in vain. Jatayu is fortunate. For the sake of Sita, he gave his life being wounded by Ravana in the battle.” Having heard this, (the eagle) Sampati, abandoning (his intention of) eating the monkeys (said), “This brother of mine, Jatayu, was protected by me from the heat of the Sun as he was flying in the solar region. Hence, I had my wings burnt as I was flying in the clouds. On account of hearing the story of Rama, the wings have grown again. I see Janaki gone to Asoka grove in Lanka in the Trikutaka (mountain) in (the middle of) the salt ocean of an extent of hundred yojanas. Knowing this let the monkeys tell Rama and Sugriva.”