The Story of Rama (continued) ||9||

1Narada said: Having heard the words of Sampati, Hanumat, Arigada, (son of Valin) and others having seen the ocean said, “Who may cross the ocean and make us live?”
2For the survival of monkeys and accomplishing the task of Rama, that Maruti (Hanumat) crossed the ocean extending to hundred yojanas.
3-5Having seen the rise of Mainaka (mountain), having killed (the demon) Simhika and having seen Lanka and searching the houses of the demons and those of the women and the houses of the ten headed (Ravana), Kumbha, Kumbhakarna, Vibhisana, Indrajit, and other demons, he did not find (Sita) (also) in the place for drinking wine. Becoming anxious and having gone to the Atoka grove he found Sita at the foot of the Simsapa tree.
6Remaining on the Simsapa tree he saw Sita being guarded by the demonesses, (and) Ravana asking her to become his wife and Sita replying him that she could not.
7-9The monkey (also saw) the demonesses asking Sita to become the wife of Ravana, After Rivana had gone he said, “Daiaratha was a king. His sons Rama and Lakshmana, the two excellent brothers came to the forest. You, Janaki, the wife of Rama were forcibly taken away by Ravana, Rama became a friend of Sugriva, sent me to search for you, (and) (you) take this signet ring of identification given by Rama.”
10-12Sita. received the ring. Having seen Maruti seated on the tree and again in front of her, (she) asked him, “If (he) lives, how Rama does not take me away?” The monkey said to her who was doubtful, “O Sita! Rama does not know. Knowing now he will take you away after killing Ravana along with his army. O Devi (queen)! Do not worry. You get me an identity.” Sita gave the crest jewel to the monkey.
13(And) said, “You do in such a way that Rama would take me away quickly. O dispeller of grief! You retell him the story of the removal of the eye of the crow.”
14-15Getting the jewel and (listening to) the story, Hanumat said, “The Lord will be taking you away. Otherwise, if you feel some hurry, O auspicious one! You get on to my back. I shall show you Sugriva and Raghava today.” Sita said to Hanumat, “Let Raghava take me away.”
16-18Then Hanumat made a stratagem in order to see Dagagriva (Ravana). He destroyed the grove, having killed the guards (of the grove) with his teeth and nails, and all the attendants, the sons of seven ministers, prince Aksha. Sakrajit (Indrajit) (son of Ravana) bound him with the Nagapasa and took him to the red-eyed Ravana.
19RAvana asked him, “Who you are”. Maruti (Hanumat) said to Ravana, “I am the messenger of Rama. You return. Sita to him. Otherwise you will certainly die along with the other demons in Lanka being hit by the arrows of Rama.”
20-25(Hearing these words) Ravana was intent on killing (Hanumat) but was prevented by Vibhisana. He (Ravana) made his (Hanumat’s) tail set fire to. Having burnt Lanka and the demons with the blazing flames Maruti, met Sita again and saluted her. He crossed the ocean and informed Angada and others that he had seen Sita. Having drunk honey in the honey-garden along with Angada and others, overpowering Dadhimukha and other guards, they met Rama and told him that Sita was seen. Rama also being happy asked Maruti, “How Sita was seen by you? And what (message) did she send for me? Sprinkle me who am tormented by the fire of passion, with the nectar of the story of Sita. Hanumat said to Rama (how) he had come after crossing the ocean and seeing; Sita, burning the city (of Lanka) and taking jewel from Sita. “O Rama! Do not worry. You will get back Sita after having killed Ravana.”
26-28Receiving that jewel Rama being grief-stricken wept and said, “Having seen this jewel (I feel) I have seen my Janaki. (Sita)! (You) take me (there). I cannot live without her.” Being consoled by Sugriva and others (Rima) reached the banks of ocean. Vibhisana who was forsaken by his wicked brother Ravana for having advised him to return Sita to Rama, came there alone to Rama.
29-31Rama anointed his friend Vibhisana as the ruler of Lanka. He requested ocean for (making) a way. When he had not come, then he split the (ocean) with an arrow. And the (king of the) ocean who had appeared before Rama, said, “by building a bridge in the ocean by Nala you reach Lanka. I have been made great by you in the past.” Rama also reached the other banks of the mighty ocean by means of the bridge constructed by Nala with trees and rocks. Along with the monkeys he saw Lanka, himself remaining on the Suvela mountain.