Mode of installation of the image of Goddess Lakshmi ||62||

1The Lord said: I shall describe to you the mode of installation of all divine images. At first I shall describe the (mode of) installation (of the image) of Lakshmi and her attendant goddesses.
2As before, one should do all rites such as bathing (the image) in the shed. (The image of) goddess Lakshmi should be placed on the pedestal. One should place eight pitchers.
3The image should be anointed with ghee with the principal mantra and washed with the five things got from a cow. The eyes of (the goddess) Lakshmi should be opened with (the recitation of the mantra) hiranyavarnam harinim.
4The three sweet things should be offered with (the recitation of the mantra) tarn ma avaha. She (the image) should be bathed with (the waters of) the pitcher on the east with (the recitation of) the (hymn) asvapurva.
5The image should then be bathed with (the waters of pitchers on) the south, west and north with the recitation of hymns kdmo smi te candram prabhasam, aditya varrta (respectively).
6-7(Waters) from (the pitchers placed in) the southeast, south-west, north-west and north-cast should bp poured on the image accompanied by (the recitation of the mantras) upaitu ma, ksut pipasa, gandhadvara, manasahi kdmamakrti. The image should subsequently be bathed with (the waters of) eighty-one pitchers (accompanied) by apah srjan ksitim.
8(The priest should worship the image) with perfumes accompanied by ardram puskarinim, with flowers accompanied by tam ma avaha and ya Ananda.
9The goddess should be worshipped in the bed with (the mantra) sayanti yena and her presence is accomplished by sri- sukta. Her consciousness is invoked and worshipped again with the principal mantra of the goddess.
10Thousand or hundred lotus flowers or karavira flowers should be offered in the fire pit at the shed accompanied by srisukta.
11Household furniture should be offered with the srisukta itself. Then the consecration of edifice should be performed as described earlier.
12The pedestal should be made with (the recitation of) the mantra. The installation of the goddess is done subsequently. Her presence is accomplished with the Srisukta. Every one of the hymns (stated earlier)) should be recited as before.
13Having invoked consciousness in the image, her presence is accomplished by the principal mantra. The priest and the brahmins should be presented with land, gold, clothes, cow and food. The images of all other forms of goddesses should be installed in the same way. One who invokes (and consecrates) in this way is held as going to heaven.