Mode of installation of other gods and goddesses ||63||

1The god said: The installation of the (images of) Garuda (vehicle of Vishnu) Brahman, Nrihari (man-lion form of Vishnu) and of the (sudarshana) disc should be done in the same way as that of Vishnu with their respective mantras. Listen to me.
2O Sudarsana! The great disc that is tranquil! Dreadful to the wicked! Kill kill, pierce pierce, cut through and cut through.
3Devour devour the incantations of others. Eat up, eat up the evil spirits. Frighten, frighten, hum phat, salutation to sudarshana. Having worshipped the disc with this mantra one destroys the enemies in the battle, Om ksaum Narasimha (man-lion)! of fierce form! burn, burn, blaze up, blaze up, svaha. Om kraum salutations to lord Narasimha! Effulgent like crores of radiant suns! One armed with mace, claws and teeth! One who manifests with a sound similar to the trumpet while the dreadful and dishevelled manes wildly dance in the storm and one who has agitated the ocean! One who rescues from all incantations! O Lord Narasimha (you) come! Manifest with the divine truth as the universal subjective and objective! Open thy mouth! Attack! Roar and release your lion-like voice! Cut through! Drive away! Pierce into all sorts of incantations! Kill, cut, heap together, dislodge, cut open, break up, cause to be burst! A multitude of cluster of flames! Destroy all nether regions with your disc (showering) flames and thunderbolts in all directions! Besiege the lather regions with your arrows of thunderbolt discharging endless fire! Pull out the hearts of all demons residing in the nether worlds! Burn quickly! Cook! Destroy! Dry up I Hack them to pieces till they have not been subject to my control! Phat to the nether worlds! Phat to the demons! Phat to all kinds of incantations! O Lord of the form of Narasimha! Protect me from all doubts! Protect me from all calamities and all incantations! O Vishnu! Hum Phat! Salutations to you! This is the spell of Narasimha representing Hari (Vishnu) which grants all desires.
4The captivator of the three worlds (trailokyamohana) (the image of the lord) should be installed with the mantras known as trailokyamohana (captivating the three worlds) (described above). (The image) should be made to have two or four arms, holding the mace in the right hand and conferring benediction.
5The disc should be placed in the upper left arm and the (conch-shell) pancajanya on the lower (arm). (The two right hands) should be provided with Sri (riches) and pusti (nourishment) along with strength and welfare.
6The images of Vishnu, Vamana (dwarf form of Vishnu), Vaikuntha, Hayasya (horse-faced form of Vishnu) and Aniruddha should be installed in a shed or house or edifice.
7-9(The images of) manifestations (of Visnu) (such as) the fish etc. should be installed in waters. (The images of) Sankarsana, Visvarupa, linga, the form of Rudra, hermaphrodite form (of Siva) (Ardhanarisvara), Hari (Vishnu), Sankara, Siva, the divine mothers, Bhairava, Surya, the planets, Vinayaka, Gauri (consort of Siva) worshipped by Indra and others, Bala and Abala (should also be installed similarly).I shall describe the (mode of) consecration of books and the mode of writing them.
10Having worshipped the manuscript and the written book on a scat made of kusa grass placed on a svastika figure, the preceptor should worship the spell and Lord Hari (Vishnu).
11-12The yajamana (the person at whose instance a rite is performed) should face the cast and contemplate the spiritual guide, the spell, lord Hari, the copyist and (the goddess) Padmini after having written five verses on a silver plate with golden pen and devanagari letters. The brahmins should be fed according to one’s capacity and fees should be paid as much as one could give.
13After having worshipped the preceptor, the spell and Lord Hari, one should write the puranas etc. as before in a figure in an auspicious seat in the north-east.
14Having seen the book in the mirror in the pitcher it should be consecrated as (described) earlier. After opening up the eyes one should place it in the bed.
15The pwrusasukta and the Vedas etc. should be (mentally) located in the book. After having infused life to it, it should be worshipped and the porridge offered.
16Having fed the preceptor and given the fees, the twice-borns should be fed. The book should be carried by men in a car, or on the elephant.
17The book should be established and worshipped (on its return) in a house or temple. That which is wrapped up in a cloth should be worshipped at the commencement and end of reading.
18Having resolved to have universal peace a chapter of the book should be read out. The yajamana and others should be sprinkled with water from the pitcher.
19The merit of presenting a book to the twice born is unlimited. Three things (are said to be) gifts par excellence. (They are) cows, land and knowledge.
20-21O sinless one! the merits of imparting knowledge (is great). One who presents a bundle of written leaves, remains and enjoys in the region of Vishnu for so many years as the number of leaves and letters (in the manuscript). One who gives away pancaratras puranas, bharata (as gift) elevates twenty-one generations of his family and gets merged in the supreme being.