Mode of planting trees ||70||

1-2The Lord said: I shall describe the mode of planting trees conferring enjoyment and emancipation. The trees having been smeared with all the herbs and adorned with fragrant powders should be decorated with flower garlands. Cloth should be put around them. (The rite known as) the perforation of the ear should be done for them with a golden needle.
3-4Collyrium should be applied with a short stick. Seven kinds of fruits (should be placed) on the platform. The pitchers should be consecrated. The offering should be made for (the gods) Indra and others and the consecration should be done. Oblations to the fire should be done for (the sake of) plants. Remaining in the midst of trees a cow should be let off with the (recitation of) abhishekamantra.
5-6Brahmins should bathe the trees as well as the yajamdna with the waters of pitchers placed in the platform with (the recitation of) the ft, jajus, sama mantras and also that of varuna accompanied by auspicious music. The yajamana should adorn (himself) and should present the fees as well as a cow, ornament and cloth.
7Food should be given along with milk (to brahmins) for four days consecutively. Oblation should be made with sesa- mum and twigs of palasa (tree). The sacrificial priest should be paid the fees double (the value of what is given to other brahmins).
8The construction of sheds etc. here should be done as laid down earlier. The consecration of trees and a garden destroys one’s sins and gets the highest merit.
9Listen to the (mode of) installation (of the image) of Surya (sun), Ganesha, the goddess (Gauri) and the attendant deities of Lord Hari as described by Ha (Siva) to Skanda (earlier).