Mode of worshipping Canda (attendant of Siva) ||76||

1Lord said: (The worshipper) should approach (the image of Lord) Siva and address as follows: “O Lord I accept the merits of the worship and the oblations offered by me.”
2We should convey these to the lord with a firm mind along with the respectful offering of water and uttering the principal mantra preceded by the hridbija (om) and the exhibition of the udbhava mudra (a posture of fingers representing generation).
3Then having worshipped as before and praising with hymns and saluting, (the worshipper) should offer the respectful offering of water with his face turned away (from the image) and should say “Pardon me”.
4The linga should be discharged by uttering the mantra of the weapon ending with phat coupled with the divine naracarmudra (formation with fingers representing an iron arrow), it should be merged with the mantra of the image.
5After having worshipped god on the platform and having merged in himself the collection of mantras as laid down, the worship of Canda should be made.
6Om salutations to Candesana. Salutations to the image of Canda at the centre. Om, hum phat oblations to Dhulicagndesvara. Thus he should be invoked.
7Hum phat to Canda at the heart. Then om to Canda on the head. Om hum phat to Canda on the tuft, to Canda, the protector and armour.
8So also to Canda as the weapon hum phat. One should meditate on Canda, born of the fire of Rudra and as carrying the mace, axe, rosaries and the anchorite’s pitcher and as having a dark complexion.
9The four-faced deity should be worshipped in the half crescent shaped axe weapon (of Canda). One should repeat (the mantra) befitting one’s capacity, being one-tenth of the principal worship.
10Except the offerings such as the cow, earth, gold, clothes, gems and ornaments, the remains of offerings should be offered to Candesa.
11Being ordered by Siva, I have offered to you these articles of food and drink, betels, garlands and scented pastes, the ramnants of offering.
12O Canda! may all these acts of service (undertaken) by me by your order (be agreeable to you). Any shortcoming or redundancy out of my ignorance may be made complete always.
13Having submitted to the lord thus and offered the respectful water and contemplated his form, the mantras should be merged with the self with the mantra of the destructive deity and showing slowly the samhara mudra (formation with the fingers (representing destruction) along with the principal mantra and taking a breath. The offering such as flowers etc. should then be removed and that place cleansed with cow dung dissolved in waters. After offering water respectfully one should conclude by rinsing one’s mouth and do any other worship.