Mode of Purification of scriptural knowledge ||86||

1The Lord said: The union of the beatific principle of knowledge and that of ancient one should be done as before, after having located the principles. The union should be done with (the mantra) Om, hom, hrim.
2Attachment, pure knowledge, fate, time, illusion and ignorance together with beatific principle are (known as) the seven unions.
3The six letters, ra, la, va, sa, sa, and sa are said (to represent) the branches of learning. The terms beginning with pranava (Om) are twenty-one (in number) (as below)—Om obeisance to Siva, who is the Lord of all (created) things. Ham, to (Lord) Siva, to I Sana at my head, to Tatpurusa at my face, to Aghora at the heart, to Vamadeva at the anus, to the form of Sadyojata. Om obeisance again and again to the extremely secret form, to the protector, to the deathless one, to the Lord of all beings, to the form of effulgence, to the Supreme Lord (one who pervades) the sky by thoughts Om.
4-8Om the forms of Rudras and the bhuvanas (worlds) are described now. The first one is Vamadeva (Lord of irascible nature), next Sarvabhavodbhava (the source of all beings), Vajradeha (possessing a strong body), Prabhu (lord), Dhata (the supporter), Krama (order), Vikrama (conquest), Suprabha (resplendent), Vaju (youth), Prasanta (tranquil), Paramakgara (supreme knowledge), Siva (auspicious), Sasiva (endowed with auspiciousness), Babhru (tawny-coloured), Akjaya (unperishable), Sambhu (one who begets peace), Adntarupa (having an invisible form), Adnrishtanama (having an unseen name), Rupavardhana (promoter of beatuty), Manonmana (one who agitates the mind), Mahavirya (the mighty one), Citranga (one who is variegated) (and) Kalyana (the blessed one). Thus (the Rudras) are known by the twenty-five names (together with) Mantra (the controller of mind), Ghora (the dreadful one) and Amara (the immortal one). Pusa and hastijihva are the two occult nerves in that (abovesaid) beatific phase. Vyana, naga and prabhanjana (are the vital winds).
9The only object is that of the form. The feet and the- eyes are the organs. Sound, touch and sight are known as the three qualities.
10Here the state is that of deep sleep. Lord Rudra is the cause. All the worlds should be looked upon as located in this (beatific principle of) knowledge.
11Gentle beating, cutting and entry into it should also be done. Having pulled it from the region of the heart by means of’ knowledge, it should be seized.
12It should be super-imposed on one’s own soul. The beatific principle should be firmly held and them placed in the fire-pit, after having invoked (lord) Rudra, the cause, and submitted (to him) the (newborn) child.
13Having invoked the divine parents, (the preceptor) should gently strike the (new-born) child in the heart (of the disciple). After having entered it with the mantra spoken earlier, one should unite it with his own soul.
14After having drawn it out and taking it, it should be united with his own soul by the method described already. It should be united in the womb from the left side. After (the repetition of) the dvadasa (twelve) letters of mantra it should be taken out.
15The rites relating to the birth and post-natal purification of the body, enjoyment, deep absorption, purification of the stream and of the principles should be performed.
16One hundred oblations should be made as expiation as laid down for the removal of all bondages due to impurities.
17The severance of bondage (should be done) with (the mantra of) the weapon. The vanishing force of impurities should be cut and pounded. Then the thread should be placed in a circular form .
18Its burning and the absence of those letters as well as expiation should then be done. The invocation of (god) Rudra, (and his) worship and the submission of sensible of sight and smell (should be done).
19Om, hrim O Rudra I take this fee of the sensibles of sight and smell. Oblations. After having conveyed the mandate of lord Sambhu (Siva) and bidding farewell to (lord) Rudra, the cause, the pure spirit should be located (first) in himself and then located in the thread of bondage.
20The subtle speck (of the soul) should be placed on his head and the divine) parents should be bid farewell. Then the final oblation should be made, as laid down, which completes all formalities.
21The act of gently beating and other acts should be done in the beatific knowledge as described earlier. Here the speciality is the location of (the soul as a) speck. Thus the beatific knowledge is purified.