Characteristics of images of different forms of goddesses ||52||

1The Lord said: I shall describe (the characteristics) of the eight Yoginis (female attendants on Durga) respectively residents of (the eight quarters) east to north-east. (The Yoginis) Aksobhya, Ruksakarni , Raksasi, Kripana and Akshaya (reside in the east).
2(The Yoginis) Pingaksi, Ksaya, Ksema, Ila, Lila, Laya, Lakta, Balakesi, Lalasa and Vimala (dwell in the south-east).
3(The Yoginis) Huta£a, Visalaksi, Hunkara, Vatjavamukhi, Mahakrura, Krodhana, Bhayankari and Mahanana (are the residents of the south).
4(The Yoginis) Sarvajfia, Tarala, Tara, Rgveda, Haya- nana, Sara(khya), Rudrasangrahi, Sambara and Talajanghika (occupy the south (-west).
5Raktaksi, Suprasiddha, Vidyujjihva, Karankini, Meghanada, Pracandogra, Kalakarni and Varaprada (are the inmates of the west).
6Candra, Candravali, Prapafica, Pralayantika, Sisuvaktra, Pisaci, Pisita£a and Lolupa (dwell in the north-west).
7Dhamani, Tapani, Ragini, Vikritanana, Vayuvega,. Brikhatkuksi, Vikrta and Vishvarupika (govern the north).
8Yamajihva, Jayanti, Durjaya, Jayantika, Vidala, Revati, Putana and Vijayantika (hold sway over the north-east).
9(These Yoginis should be represented) as having eight arms (or) four arms, wielding weapons of their choice and yielding all benefits (on their votaries). (Lord) Bhairava may hold the arka plant (Calotropis Gigantee) in the hand and have the face like the knee or elbow bearing the matted hair and the Moon.
10Krttivasas (should be represented) as holding on one side the sword, goad, axe and arrow and offering protection to the universe and a bow, trident, club with a skull at the top and noose on the other.
11Or he shall be having five faces and be wearing the elephant’s hide and adorned by the serpents. He shall be seated on the dead body. He must be worshipped in the midst of the mother goddesses .
12One has to worship him being endowed with the letters of the alphabet up to the letter ‘ra’ and with (his mantra) having six constituents and the eight long vowel mantras.
13(He is also to be contemplated upon) as established in the wicks of the flame in the house as endowed with golden ornaments and the nada, bindu and indu and making the body of the divine mother and the lord radiant.
14VIrabhadra (attendant of Siva) (is represented) as having four faces, seated on a bull in front of the mother (goddesses). (Goddess) Gauri (consort of Siva) (is represented) as having two arms and three eyes as endowed with a spear and mirror.
15(Goddess) Lalita (a form of Durga) (should be represented) as having four arms (holding) a spear, a small pitcher, (and another) pitcher (in the hands) and showing boon conferring hands. (She should) be seated on the lotus. (She should also) be endowed with a mirror, a small stick for applying collyrium and Skanda and Gana (Ganesha).
16(Goddess) Candika may (be represented) as having ten hands having a sword, spear, disc (and) dart in the right (hand) and the magical noose, shield, pike, axe, and bow in the left (hand). (She must) be riding a lion with the buffalo (demon) having been slain with (her) spear in front of her.