Initiation of principles ||89||

1The Lord said: Then the initiation in the principles is imparted as it is concise. Binding with the thread should be done suitably with, one’s soul.
2The fundamental principles should be contemplated as pervading time, fire etc. concluding with pure bliss. They should be like the bead of rosaries, the principles distributed evenly on the whole thread.
3After having invoked the principle of bliss etc., the rites of garbhadhana etc. (should be done) as before. But the offer of all fees should be done with the principal (mantras).
4Then the final oblation endowed with the sound essence of all principles should be offered by which alone the disciple gets emancipation.
5After having offered another such final oblation to lord Siva for the sake of union and for securing firmness, (the disciple) should be bathed with the waters of the pitcher (consecrated) for Siva.