Mode of placing the stone slabs ||94||

1The lord said: (Demonesses) Caraki and others should be worshipped in the angular points of north-east etc. and outside as before. Three oblations should be done to each one of the gods in succession.
2After having offered oblation to the presiding spirit, the placing of stone slab (is done) thereafter. (Goddess of) energy and the excellent pitcher known asananta should be located in the middle line.
3-5The stone slab should be held in this pitcher with (the recitation of) the principal (mantra) coupled with the letter ‘na’ Having placed the eight pitchers known as Subhadra etc. in order in the directions east etc. with the recitation of the mantra of the guardian deities of the world and having located the goddesses in each one of the holes, the stone slabs such as Nanda etc. should be duly placed in them by repeating the sambara (mantra) sacred to the presiding deities of the different images, in such a way that they are in order from the middle of the ground. The eight (deities) such as the guardian deities of virtue etc. should be located in the different angular points in order.
6The four pitchers Nanda etc. out of Subhadra etc. are placed in the south-eastern corner. Ajita etc. out of the group commencing with Jaya should be located in the east etc.
7(Lord) Brahma should be invoked in them and (lord) Mahesvara (Siva) should be contemplated as pervading the internal space (of the shed) which would serve as a receptacle of these.
8After having offered oblation one should repeat (the mantra of) the weapon for warding off impediments. The procedure in the case of five stone slabs is now described a little.
9(The preceptor) should locate the stone slab Purna in the pitcher (known as) Subhadra half-immersed. The stone slabs respectively known as Nanda etc. should be placed in the pitchers Padma etc. at the different angular points south-east etc.
10-17Four slabs should be contemplated as located in the middle with the exuberance of mother’s affection. “Om Purna! You are the great learning! Possessor of all divine attributes! O Daughter of Angiras! You make all (this undertaking of mine) here as complete. Om! Nanda! you make men rejoice! I establish you here. You remain in this temple as fully satisfied as long as the moon, sun and stars shine. O Nanda. Daughter of Vasistha! You grant long life, fulfilment of) desires, prosperity to men. You have to strive to protect in this temple always. Om Bhadra! Daughter of Kasyapa! You always do good to the people. O Goddess! You be grantor of long life, of desired (objects) (and) prosperity always. Om! Jaya! O Goddesss! You be granter of prosperity (and) long life always. Om! Jaya I Being established by me you remain here for ever. O Daughter of Bhrigu! You become the governess of prosperity and success. Om! Rikta! Destroyer of excessive defects! O Auspicious one! Granter of accomplishment and emancipation! One who is of the form of the universe and one who underlies all the world, you remain here always.” After having contemplated upon the ethereal mansion, (the preceptor) should locate the three principles therein. Then the sacrifice should be completed in the prescribed manner after having offered the expiatory oblation.