The characteristics of the pedestal ||55||

1The Lord said: I shall describe (the characteristics of) the pedestal of images. They have the same length as (the height) of the image and have breadth half (the height) of (the image).
2Or the breadth should be half or one-third of the measure of the height. The girdle should be equal to one-third of its breadth.
3The cavity should be of the same measure and should be inclined towards the posterior part. A quarter of the breadth (should be left out) for the canal as outlet.
4(The width) of the forepart (of the channel) should be half of the breadth of the base. The water-course should be one-third of the breadth (of the base).
5Or else the length of the linga is said to be equal to half (the length) of the base or equal to the length (of the base).
6The height (of the pedestal) should be divided into sixteen parts as before. The lower six divisions should be made to comprise two parts. The neck should be three parts.
7The foundation, projections, joint, seat and other remaining parts should each comprise one part. This will hold good in the case of ordinary images.
8The doorway (leading) to the image is said to be proportionate to the door-way of the temple. The canopy over the image should be endowed with elephants and tigers.
9The pedestal of (the image of) Hari also should always be made beautiful. The measures (laid down) for the images of Vishnu shall apply to (the images of) all gods. Those measures set forth for the image of Lakshmi shall apply to all (images of) the goddesses.