Consecration of pitchers ||57||

1The Lord said: One should do (the ceremony) of taking possession of the ground. One should scatter grains and mustard seeds uttering (the sacred syllable) ‘Narasimha’ which destroys demons. One should sprinkle pancagavya (the five things got from a cow).
2Having worshipped the earth in the pitcher containing gems as well as Hari and his retinue, worship the eighteen pitchers therein with the sacred syllable of weapons.
3The rice grains should be purified by an incessant shower (of water) and scattered around. The pitcher should be placed in their midst.
4-5Lord Acyuta and (his consort) Sri should again be worshipped in the pitcher (provided with) a cloth. The bed as well as the mattress should be spread on the kusa grass on a drawn circle with (the recitation of) the sacred syllable yoge yoge. Lord Vishnu, the slayer of (the demon) Madhu and the lord of the three (divisions of the universe) and also the different lords of learning are worshipped on the bed.
6-7Having worshipped Vamana, Sridhara, Hrsikesha, Padmanabha (different forms of Vishnu) in the north-west and other (comers) of the bathing place and the Damodara (form of Vishnu) in the north-east and having brought all the materials to the bathing pavilion they should be deposited in the four pitchers and the altar in the north-east.
8These pitchers should be consecrated in the four quarters with the pitchers containing water for the consecration. The pitchers should be placed with due regard for the purpose of consecration.
9-11The young sprouts from the vata udumbara, asvattha, campaka, asoka, sridruma, pelasa, arjuna, plaksha kadamba, bakula and mango trees should be brought and put in the eastern pitcher. The lotus, rocana (a kind of yellow pigment), durva grass, darbha grass, pinjala (yellow orpiment), the flowers jdti and kunda, (pieces of) sandal wood, red sandal, white mustard, tagara (a kind of herb), and rice should be put on the southern one.
12-14Silver and gold and earth from the two banks of rivers flowing into the ocean especially the earth from the (river) Jahnavi (Ganges), the urine of a cow, barley grains, paddy and sesamum should be placed in another pitcher. The Vishnuparni syamalata bringardja, Satavari, sahadevi mahadevi) bald and vyaghni (?), the auspicious things are put in the other pitcher in the north-east.
15The earth from an anthill obtained from seven (different places should be put in another pitcher. The sand from the Ganges and its water should be put in another pitcher.
16The earth loosened by the boars, bulls, and elephants with their horns and tusks as well as earth from the root of the lotus and the kusa grass should be placed in another pitcher.
17One should put in another pitcher earth got from sacred places and hills. The flowers of nagakdara and kshmira should be put in another pitcher.
18-19Flowers together with the sandal wood, agallochum and camphor should be placed in another pitcher. (The gems) lapis lazuli, coral, pearl, crystal, and diamond should be put earlier in one pitcher and placed firmly by the holy priests. Another pitcher should be filled with the waters of the rivers and tanks.
20Another (set of) pitchers filled with perfumes etc. should be placed at eighty-one places and consecrated with the Srisukta .
21Barley grains, white mustard, perfumes, tips of kusa grass, unbroken rice, sesamum, fruits and flowers should be first placed for the sake of worship.
22The lotus, (the creeper called) syamalata durva grass, leaf of holy basil and kuta grass (should be kept) on the righthand side for being offered at the foot. The madhuparka is also placed on the right side.
23The kankola, cloves and nutmeg along with the durva grass and unbroken rice (should be offered) in the fire on the north for the sake of rinsing the mouth.
24A vessel for offering camphor and perfumes to be applied on the body should be placed on the south-east. A vessel containing perfumes and flowers should be placed on the north-east.
25The mura, mamsi, myrabolan, sahadeva and nisa and sixty lamps should be placed. Eight lamps should be kept for the nirajana (showing the light in adoration).
26The conch, disc, srivatsa (mark on the breast of Vishnu), thunderbolt, lotus etc. should be placed in a golden vessel along with flowers of variegated colours.