The creation of Svayambhuva Manu ||107||

1-3Fire-god said: I shall describe the different worlds, the earth and the continents. King Priyavrata had ten sons Agnidhra, Agni-bahu, Vapusman, Dyutiman, Medha, Medhatithi, Bhavya, Savana, Jyotishman, and Satya. The father gave them seven continents as follows: He gave Jambudvipa to Agnidhra and Plaksha to Medhatithi.
4He gave (the continent of) Salmala to Vapusman, (continent) Kusa to Jyotishman, continent of Kraunca to Dyutiman and (continent of) Saka to Bhavya.
5He gave Puskara to Savana. What Jambudvipa was given to Agnidhra by his father (was divided by him and given to his sons). He gave (the country) called Hima to Nabhi.
6(He gave) Hemakuta to Kimpurusa, Naisadha to Harivarsa, central Meru to Ilavrita, Nilacala (Nila mountains) to Ramya.
7(He gave) Svetavarsha to Hiranvat, Kuru to Kuru, Bhadralva to Bhadrkiva, western (countries) to Ketumala.
8The king having established the sons of Priyavrata (in the regions) of Meru, went to the forest. After having performed penance, he reached god Hari.
9O Foremost among beings! the eight countries Kimpurusa and others by nature abound in happiness and felicity and have natural perfection.
10There is no fear of old age or death, (adherence or non-observance of) moral obligations relating to yuga periods, or lower or middle class of beings in (the country) of Hima.
11Rishabha was born to Nabhi through Meru. Bharata was born to Rishabha. After having entrusted the kingdom to his son, Risabha resorted to salagrama and attained Hari.
12The country was called Bharata after the name Bharata. Sumati was born to Bharata. Bharata resorted to salagrama (to worship) Hari after entrusting his kingdom (to his son).
13He became a yogin (on practising yoga). I shall describe his life later at the time of narration of yoga. From Sumati, Tejas (was born). Indradyumna was born from him.
14-15Paramesthi was born from him and Pratihara was born then. Pratiharta (was born) from Pratihara and then Bhuva, Udgitha and Prastara from Pratiharta. Vibhu was the son of Prastara. Then (was born) Prithu and Nakta. Gaya was the son of Nakta.
16Nara was the son of Gaya. Then Virat was his son. Mahavirya was the son (of Virat). Dhiman was born to him.
17Mahanta was his son. Manasya was his (Mahanta’s) son. (Then) Tvasta (was born to him). Viraja (was born) to Tvasta. Raja was his son.
18Satyajit (was born) to Raja. O Sage! one hundred sons were born to him. They were the lights of the universe. The (country of) Bharata was well-developed by them. The creation of the Svayambhuva (Manu) was remembered (so far) relating to Krita and Treta (yugas).