The greatness of sacred spots ||109||

1-4Fire-god said: I shall describe the greatness of all sacred spots which confer enjoyment and emancipation. One, whose hands, feet and mind are well-disciplined and one who possesses learning, austerity and penance, reaps the fruits of pilgrimage. One who has restrained from accepting alms, one who eats less, one who has conquered his senses, one who is devoid of sins, such a person on pilgrimage would get the fruits of all sacrificial rites. One would be born as poor, if he has not fasted three nights, had not gone on pilgrimage and had not given gold and cows as gift. Whatever fruit is got by doing sacrificial rites will be gained by going on pilgrimage.
5O Brahmin! Puskara is the excellent sacred spot. One should dwell there atleast for three nights. There are thousand crores of sacred places in Puskara.
6Lord Brahma resides here along with celestials. The sages who desire for everything and the celestials have had perfection here after bathing and worshipping the ancestors and celestials.
7They attain the fruits of performing Asvamedha rite and reach Brahmaloka. One who gifts food in (the month of) Karttika, gets free from sins and reaches Brahmaloka.
8It is difficult to go to Puskara and the austerity at Puskara is still more difficult. It is difficult to give gift at Puskara and it is still more difficult to stay at Puskara.
9One elevates hundreds of manes by staying therein, by repetition (of divine names) and by doing ancestoral rites. The path to Jambu also lies therein, as also the sacred spot of Tandulikasrama.
10-11The Kanvasrama, Kotitirtha, (river) Narmada, Arbuda, Carmanvati, Sindhu, Somanatha, Prabhasa, con¬ fluence of (river) Sarasvati at the ocean, the ocean, Pindaraka, Dvaraka and Gomati yield all fruits.
12-13The Bhumitirtha, Brahmatunga and the (land of) five rivers, the king of mountains, Devika, the destroyer of sins, the meritorious Vinasana, Nagodbheda, the destroyer of sins the Kumarakoti are spoken as bestowers of all benefits.
14Whoever always says, “I will go to Kurukshetra and live, therein”, becomes free of sin and goes to heaven.
15The gods Vishnu and others dwell there. (One who) lives therein reaches lord Vishnu. One who bathes in the river Sarasvati and Sannihata reaches the region of Brahma.
16Even the dust particles at Kurukshetra confer excellent position. The Dharmatirtha, Suvarna and Haridvara are excellent places.
17The sacred places Kanakhala and Bhadrakarnahrada are meritorious. The confluence of the rivers Ganges and Sarasvati and the Brahmavarta destroy sins.
18The Bhrgutunga, Kubjamra and the place of origin of Ganges destroy sins. Varanasi is an excellent sacred spot. Avimukta is unsurpassed.
19The sacred Kapalamocana and Prayaga, the excellent sacred spot, the confluence of Gomati and Ganga and (the river) Ganga throughout do not confer hell.
20The sacred Rajagrha is meritorious. Salagrama removes sins. Vatesa, the sacred Vamana and the confluence of Kalika are excellent places.
21Lauhitya, (river) Karatoya, Sona, Rsabha (hills) are excellent places. Sriparvata, Kolbagiri, Sahyadri and Malayagiri (are sacred).
22The rivers Godavari, Tuhgabhadra, Kaveri, Tapi, Payosni and Reva are the bestowers (of fruits). The Dandaka forest is excellent.
23Kalanjara, Munjavata, Surparaka, (river) Mandakini, Citrakuta and Sfhgaverapura are excellent spots.
24Avanti is an excellent place. Ayodhya destroys one’s sins. Naimisa is an excellent place which yields enjoyment and liberation.