The greatness of Ganga ||110||

1Fire-god said: I shall describe the greatness of (river) Ganga. She should be worshipped. She yields enjoyment and liberation. The countries through which she flows are holy and excellent.
2The (river) Ganges is the succour for the beings who resort to it always. The (river) Ganges duly worshipped, succours the two lines of ancestors.
3The drinking of the waters of Ganges (confers the merits of performance of) thousands of Candrayana. One who worships the Ganges for a month gets the fruits of all sacrificial rites.
4The goddess (Ganges) destroys all sins and confers (access to) heavens. One continues to stay in heavens as long as (his) bones remain in the (waters of the) Ganges.
5Blind people and others attain equal status with the celestials by worshipping her. The carrying of the earth dug up from the beds of Ganges destroys one’s sins just as the Sun.
6(The river) purifies hundreds and thousands of holy men who look at it, touch it, drink (its waters) and repeat (the word) Ganges.