The Greatness of Prayaga ||111||

1Fire-god said: I shall describe the greatness of Prayaga, the excellent place, which confers enjoyment and emancipation. O Excellent sages! the gods Brahma, Vishnu and others stay at Prayaga.
2So also the rivers, oceans, siddhas (accomplished persons), gandharvas (semi-divine beings) (stay there). There are three fire-pits and the Ganges (flows) in the middle.
3(The river Yamuna), the daughter of Sun, renowned in the three worlds flows there with force having all sacred spots before her.
4(The land) in between (the rivers) Ganges and Yamuna is known to be the thigh of(goddess) earth. The sages knew that Prayaga is the generative organ situated in the thigh.
5Prayaga and Pratisthana are the woollen blanket and the mule. The holy place of Bhogavati is the platform for the god of creation (Brahma).
6-7The scriptures and sacrificial rites are endowed with forms at Prayaga. By singing in praise of this sacred place, or by the repetition of (lord’s) names or by touching the earth here (one) gets free from all sins. Charity, ancestral rites and recitation (of names of the god) done at Prayaga, the place of con¬ fluence (of the two rivers), has undecaying merits.
8O Twice born! One who has resolved to die at Prayaga at the end (of his term of life) should not change his mind on the authority of scriptures or on the words of the people.
9-12Ten thousand and six crores of sacred places are pre¬ sent only here. Hence Prayaga is the foremost (place). The Bhogavati, sacred spot of Vasuki (serpent chief) and the flight of swans are present here. One reaps the fruits of making a charity of a crores of cows by bathing at Prayaga three days in the month of magha (February-March). The learned have declared thus. It is easy to have access to Ganges all along its course, but very difficult at the (following) three places—Gahgadvara (Haridvara), Prayaga and the confluence of Ganges with the ocean. One goes to heaven by giving alms here and one will become a monarch here itself.
13-14One who dies at the root of the banyan tree and the confluence goes to the abode of lord Vishnu. The sacred sands on which Urvasi (a nymph) had sported, the Sandhyavata, the Kotitirtha, the Asvarnedha, the pure Manasa, and Vasaraka are all excellent places.