The greatness of Narmada ||113||

1Fire-god said: I shall describe the greatness of Narmada which yields great pleasure. The water of the Ganges purifies the bather at once. The water of the river Narmada (purifies) at the mere sight of it.
2-3It extends (in length) to one hundred and two yojanas in breadth. There are sixty thousand holy places and sixty crores on the hills on either side at Amarakantaka. (The place of) confluence with Kaveri is meritorious. Listen to me. I shall describe about Sriparvata.
4-5(Goddess) Gauri in the guise of (goddess) Sri (Lakshmi) did penance here. Lord Hari told her, who was doing penance, that she would attain salvation, and that hill will be known after her name as Sriparvata. Hundred yojanas all along (the hill) would become greatly meritorious. Charity, penance, chants and ceremony done here all yield undiminishing merits.
6Death at this place (conveys one) to the world of Siva. This excellent sacred place yields everything. Lord Siva sports here with his consort. (The demon) Hiranyakasipu performed penance here and became mighty. The sages attained perfection here.