Mode of installation of the image of goddess Gauri ||98||

1The Lord said: Listen! I shall describe the mode of installation together with the worship (of the image) of (goddess) Gauri (consort of lord Siva). The sacrificial shed etc. should be erected and (the image of the goddess) should be placed therein.
2O Guha (son of lord Siva and Parvati)! After having placed the goddess on the bed, the mantras of the images (should be located therein), and the principles commencing with the knowledge of the soul and ending with Siva as also lord Isana (Siva) should be located.
3After having located the goddess of absolute energy, offered oblations and recited (the mantras) as before, the pedestal of the form of the energy of action should be placed.
4-5After having contemplated it as pervading the same place and having put the gems etc., the goddess of the form of supreme energy should be fixed therein with her own mantras. The energy of action should be located in the pedestal and the energy of knowledge in the image (of the goddess).
6Then the pervading energy should be invoked and located therein. Then the mother goddess known also as Siva should also be invoked and worshipped. Om, obeisance to the sustaining energy. Om, obeisance to the tortoise (supporting the universe). Om, obeisance to (lord) Skanda (son of lord Siva and Parvati). Om, hrim obeisance to (lord) Narayana (Vishnu). Om, obeisance to sovereignty. Om, am obeisance to the undercover. Om, obeisance to the lotus seat. Then (the gods) Keshava (Vishnu) and others should be worshipped. Om, hrim obeisance to the pericarp. One should worship here with (the mantras) “Om, ksam obeisance to the lotus eyes”. Om, ham obeisance to nourishment, hrim (obeisance) to knowledge, hrim (obeisance) to action. Om, obeisance to the stalk of lotus. Rum, obeisance to virtue. Rum, obeisance to knowledge. Om, obeisance to indifference to the world. Om obeisance to impiety. Om, Rum obeisance to ignorance. Om obeisance to attachment to the world. Om obeisance to indigence. Hum, obeisance to speech, to the passionate, kraim to the fiery. Om, hraum obeisance to tranquillity. Then hrum obeisance to the elder (goddess). Om, hrum, raum, kraum (obeisance) to (goddess) of fresh energy, gaum to the seat of Gauri. Gaum obeisance to the form of Gauri. Then the principal mantra of (goddess) Gauri is told. Om, hrim, sah, maha Gauri, consort of Rudra (Siva), oblations! Obeisance to (goddess) Gauri. Gam, krum, hrim, Sivah, gum, to tuft, to armour. Gom to eye and gom to the weapon, om, gaum to the energy of wisdom, om Gum obeisance to the energy of action. (Gods) Indra and others (are worshipped) in the east and other directions. Om, sum obeisance to Subhaga (favourite wife). Hrim bija lalita then. And om, hrim obeisance to Kamini (an affectionate woman). Om hrum Kamajalini. After having established (goddess) Gauri with the mantras, worshipping (her) and repeating (the mantras), one may get everything.