The country of Bharata ||118||

1Fire-god said: That country which (lies) to the north of ocean and south of Himadri (Himalaya) is known as the Bharatavarsa extending to nine thousand (yojanas).
2-4This is a land of religious rites. It gives accomplishment of action in getting redemption. Mahendra, Malaya, Sahya, Suktimat, Hemaparvata, Vindhya and Pariyatra are the seven principal mountains here. Indradvipa, Kaseni, Tamravarna, Gabhastiman, Nagadvipa, Saumya, Gandharva, Varuna and Bharata are the nine territories here surrounded by the ocean.
5-8The continent extends to one thousand yojanas from north to south. There are nine divisions of the Bharata lying around the central part. The kiratas (hunting tribes) (are) in the east. The javanas (the foreigners) (are in the west). The brahmins and others devoted to the Vedas and smritis (code books) (are) in the central part. The rivers rise from the Pariyatra (mountains). Narmada and other (rivers) flow from the Vindhya. (The rivers) Tapi, Payosnika, Godavari, Bhimarathi and Krishnaveni and others flow from the Sahya (mountains). (The rivers) Kritamala and others flow from the Malaya (mountains). (The rivers) Trisama and others originate from the Mahendra (mountain). (The rivers) Kumara and others rise from Suktimat (mountain). (The river) Gandrabhaga rises from the Himalaya (mountains). The countries Kuru and Pancala and the Madhyadesa are situated in the western part.