Description of different continents ||119||

1Fire-god said: The Jambudvipa extends to a lakh of yojanas. It is sur¬ rounded by the Ksiroda (ocean) measuring one lakh yojanas.
2The Plaksadvipa is surrounded by the Ksara ocean. The seven sons of Medhatithi are the rulers of Plaksadvipa.
3They are Sanabhaya, Sisira, Sukhodaya, Ananda, Siva, Ksema and Dhruva after whom the countries are named.
4Gomedha, Candra, Narada, Dundubhi, Somaka, Sumana and Vaibhraja are the boundary mountains. The inhabitants are good.
5There are seven principal rivers here. The inhabitants from Plaksa to Saka live for five thousand years and they adhere to righteous way of life adhering to the institutions of caste and stages of life.
6-7Aryakas, Kurus, Vivimsas and Bhavins are respectively the brahmins and others (kshatriyas, vaishyas and sudras) here. They worship (lord) Soma (moon). Its extent is two lakhs yojanas and it is surrounded by the ocean of ikfurasa of equal measure. The Salmala (dvipa) is twice that. The seven sons of Vapusmat were the rulers of Salmala.
8-12Sveta, Harita, Jimuta, Lohita, Vaidyuta, Manasa and Suprabha are their names and the countries were known by their names. This twice bigger continent is surrounded by the Suroda (ocean) of equal measure. The seven (boundary mountains) are Kumuda, Anala, Balahaka, Drona, Kahka, Mahisa and Kakudmat. The brahmins and other (three castes) are Kapila, Aruna, Pita and Kysna (respectively). They worship (the lord) in the form of Vayu (wind god). This is surrounded by Suroda. Udbhida, Dhenumat, Dvairatha, Lambana, Dhairya, Kapila and Prabhakara, (the sons) of Jyotismat were the rulers of Kusa (dvipa). Dadhimukhya and others are the brahmins and others. They worship (the lord) in the form of Brahma.
13Vidruma, Hemasaila, Dyutimat, Puspavat, Kusesaya, Harisaila and Mandara are the boundary mountains.
14-16This is surrounded by the Ghritoda ocean as well as the Krauncadvipa. The sons of Dyutimat were the rulers of Kraunca and the countries (ruled by them) were named after them. They are seven—Kusala, Manonuga, Usna, Pradhana, Andhakaraka, Muni and Dundubhi. (The names of) the seven mountains here are Kraunca, Vamana, Andhakaraka, Devavrit, Pundarlka and Dundubhi. Each one of them is twice as big as the other.
17-19The mountains in the respective continents are also twice as the corresponding one in the others. The brahmins and others (three castes) are Puskara, Puskala, Dhanya and Tisya and (they) worship Hari. The Krauncadvipa is surrounded by Dadhimandodaka (ocean) and the Sakadvipa. The sons of Havya and the rulers of Sakadvipa were Jalada, Kumara, Sukumara, Manivaka, Kusottara, Modaki and Druma. The countries were known by their names.
20-21Udaya, Jaladhara, Raivata, Syama, Kodraka, Ambikeya and the beautiful Kesari are the seven (boundary) mountains. The brahmins and others are Maga, Magadha, Manasa and Mandaga. They worship (the lord) in the form of the Sun. The Saka dvipa is surrounded by the Ksirabdhi.
22-24It is also surrounded by Puskara (dvipa). (The ruler of Puskara), Savana had two sons—Mahavita and Dhataki. They ruled over two countries known by their name. There is one boundary mountain called Manasa at the centre in the shape of a bracelet. It extends to one thousand and is of equal height. (The people here) live for ten thousand years. (Lord) Brahma is worshipped here by celestials. This continent is surrounded by the Svadudaka ocean of equal measure.
25-26The waters of the ocean neither decrease nor increase. O Sage! At the moonrise or moonset and at the white and dark fortnights, an increase or decrease of waters by five hundred and ten angulas (equal to one finger-breadth) is seen in the oceans.
27-28The Svadudaka is of many good qualities. The land is golden and is devoid of living beings. The peak (called) Loka-loka extends to a lakh of yojanas. It is engulfed in darkness in the form of the pan of the egg-shaped (universe). This land found with this pan of the egg-shaped (universe) extends to fifty crores.