The essence of astrology as described in the science of victory in battles ||124||

1Fire-God said: I shall describe the essence of astrology as propounded in the (science) of victory in battles, without the employment of mantra and herbs and as narrated by Isvara (Lord Siva) to Uma.
2The Goddess said: Explain to me the strategy by which the demons were conquered by celestials. So also (explain to me) the knowledge relating to success in battles which give discrimination about good and bad.
3The Lord said: Energy comprising fifteen letters was born by the desire of the chief god. The movable and immovable were born then. One finds one’s desire fulfilled by the worship (of the energy).
4I shall explain the base of the mantra which is produced from five mantras. Those mantras remain in all the mantras in their beginning and end.
5-6They are the mantras of Rik, Yajus, Saman and Atharva vedas in order. The mantras of lords Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra, lsa (Siva), Indra and others who are (known as) Saptaisikha devas are these five mantras, ‘a, i, u, e, o’ (are) the parts. The fundamental (mantra) is stated to be Brahma.
7Just as the fire in the wood which has not developed fully is not seen, the energy of lord Siva remaining in the body is not seen.
8The energy adorned with the syllable of ‘Om’ is first born. O Great lady! the bindu (dot) (was) then (born) together with the letter ‘e’.
9The letter ‘u’ which is the soul of the sound was born then. It produces the sound remaining in the heart. Then the letter ‘i’ of the shape of a crescent, which gives knowledge about the path of release, (was born).
10The letter ‘a’ which is the supreme one giving enjoyment and emancipation, was born manifest. The letter is under the power of control of the lord. It is remembered as the part of cessation of activity.
11-12The fragrance, the mystical letter ‘na’, prana (life breath), ida (a tubular vessel in the body) and the energy known as fixed rest in this. The letter ‘i’ is known as the stable part. The essence, the apana (one of the five life-winds) in the body), pingala (a tubular vessel in the body), the energy (known as) krura and the mystical letter ‘i’ remain united inside. The letter ‘u’ is the knowledge part. The form which is the characteristic of fire, the mystic letter ‘ra’, the samana (one of the five life- winds in the body), the gandhari (one of the tubular verse in the body), and the energy damani (rest therein).
13The letter ‘e’ is the tranquil part. The sense of touch which is the characteristic of the wind, the udana (one of the five life-winds in the body), the cala (one of the tubular organs of the body) and the energy (called) kriya (rest therein). The syllable is that beyond the tranquil part. The sound which is the characteristic of the sky and the vyana (one of the five life- winds in the body) (rest therein).
14The (above-mentioned) are the five kinds of letters. The (planets) Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn respectively (preside over) the letters ‘a’ etc. The letter ‘ka’ and others are placed below these.
15Everything relating to the movable and immovable (objects of the world) is known through these. I shall describe the knowledgebase. The pranava (syllable ‘Om’) is stated to be (lord) Siva.
16(When we say) Uma, it denotes (lord) Siva along with (his consort) Uma. Uma is the energy (of Siva) This energy remains (in three forms) as Varna, Jyeshtha and Raudri. (It remains in the three forms of) Brahma, Visnu and Rudra duly. Creation etc. are the three qualities (associated with them).
17-18Three nadis (tubular vessels in the body) which are gem-like (are also present). (The pranava) is moreover gross and subtle (which are respectively) highest and lowest. One should contemplate (on) that (pranava), day and night as white coloured, as showering the excellent ambrosia and flooding the soul. O Goddess! One would become unaging and attains the qualities of lord Siva.
19The limbs (of the body) (are assigned) in (the fingers) beginning with the thumb and the eye at the centre. Then one should worship (lord) Mrtyunjaya (Siva, conqueror of earth) and become victorious in the battles.
20The sound is void and without any support. The sparsa (consonants ka to ma) should be touched bending horizontally. The form is stated to be having upward motion and rests under the water.
21The fragrance remains detached from all places. The principal part is at the centre. The bulbous root, which is of the form of (lord) Siva remains at the base of the navel.
22The formation with energy houses the moon, sun and (lord) Hari (Vishnu). It is endowed with the ten winds and the five primary elements.
23(That bulbous root) which is the soul of lord Siva is of the shape of the destructive fire that is shining. That is the life of the entire world of living beings of the immovables and movables. When that one having the fire as its soul is lost, I consider that it is dead.