Mode of installation of the image of the sun-god ||99||

1-2The lord said: I shall describe (the mode of) installation of the sun god. The sacrificial shed (and other things) should be (made ready) as before. Then after having completed the rites of ablution etc., as prescribed before, and having located the sun-god with his attendants and (goddess) Vidya in the seat arta bed, (the preceptor) should locate the three (fundamental) principles (of soul, knowledge and bliss) and the five (principles of) sky etc. along with chants.
3After having done the purification etc. as before and having purified the pedestal as before, (the preceptor should locate the five principles up to their own place.
4-5After having established (the pedestal) then along with the (goddess of) energy (called) Sarvatomukhi as laid down, the preceptor should establish (the image of) the sun (god) as laid down with the (utterance of) its mantras as permeated with the energy or the master. The name should be borne up to the end of the foot. The mantras which have been described already should be seen at (the time of) establishment also.