The auspicious and inauspicious periods ||127||

1The Lord said: The three ghatikas (one ghatika is equal to 24 minutes) (from the commencement) of vishkambha (an inauspicious period), the five ghatikas of Sula (an adverse period), the six (ghatikas) respectively in the ganda and atiganda (types of impediments) and the nine (ghatikas) in the vyaghata and vajra (a kind of adverse period) should be avoided.
2One should avoid all undertakings when the whole day is ruled by both parigha and vyatipata (obstacles) and the undertaking of any journey or commencing a battle on the day ruled by vaidhrta (obstacle).
3O Goddess! I shall describe the good or bad (effects of the positions of planets) in the constellations of Mesha and others. The Moon and Venus occupying the first house confer good when they leave (the same).
4One has to forecast loss of property, absence of gain and reverses in the battle if the Mars, Sun, Saturn and Rahu (occupy) the second house.
5-6The second (house) occupied by the Moon, Mercury Venus and Jupiter confers good. Just as the Sun, Saturn, Mars and Venus in the third (house) confer good so also all the planets. Mercury, Moon and Rahu yield benefits. Mercury and Venus in the fourth (house) are beneficial. All other planets are ominous.
7Just like Jupiter in the fifth, the presence of Venus, Mercury and Moon yield the desired gains. The Sun is auspicious in the sixth (place).
8O Goddess! The planets Moon, Saturn, Mars and Mercury confer good (if they remain) in the sixth (place) from the native sign. One should avoid Jupiter and Venus in the sixth (house).
9The Sun, Saturn, Mars and Rahu in the seventh (house) (indicate) misery and Jupiter, Venus and Mercury (in the seventh house) indicate happiness. The Mars and Venus are auspicious in the eighth (house).
10All other planets (in the eighth house) (indicate) evil propensities. The Mars and Venus in the ninth ^house) are auspicious. The other (planets) (in the ninth) (exercise) evil influences. The Venus and Sun in the tenth (house) confer gains.
11The Saturn, Mars, Rahu, Moon and Mercury bring good. All planets are good in the eleventh (house). One should avoid Jupiter in the tenth (house).
12The Mercury and Venus in the twelfth (are beneficial). One should avoid all other planets in the twelfth. The twelve zodiacal signs exercise influence over the whole day (in order). I will describe them (now).
13-14(It takes) four nadis for the Sun to traverse the (zodiacal signs). Pisces, Aries, Taurus and Gemini, six nadis (to traverse) Cancer, Leo, Virgo and Libra and five nadis (to traverse) Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius. The (Zodiacal signs) Aries and others are respectively movable, fixed and of dual nature.
15The Cancer, Capricorn, Libra and Aries are movable. One should do all acts involving movement and permanent victory, both good and bad.
16The Taurus, Leo, Aquarius and Scorpio are the fixed signs and ail acts of fixed nature (should be done in them). (A person going away under their influence) will not return quickly. (One who) falls sick (under their influence) will not get cured.
17The Gemini, Virgo, Pisces and Sagittarius are of dual nature. These dual-natured ^signs) are always auspicious for all acts.
18One would get increase, victory and gains in sojourn, trade, battle, marriage and royal audience. One would get victory in battle.
19(The asterisms) Asvini (consisting of) three stars is of the form of a horse. If it rains in this (asterism), it would rain for a night. If it rains in the asterism presided over by Yama (god of death) (Bharani) it would rain for a fortnight.