The kotacakra – a drawing to forecast results ||128||

1The Lord said: I shall describe kotacakra. One should draw a square. One should draw another square inside that (square) and again another square inside the second.
2The zodiacal signs Aries etc. (should be assigned) to the directions east etc. (in the three squares) which are the symbols of the three nadis (tubular organs in the body). The (asterism) Krttika (is located) in the east and the (asterism) Allesha in the south-east.
3(Asterism) Bharani should be placed in the south. Visakha should be assigned in the south-west. (Asterism) Anuradha (should be located) in the west and Sravana in the northwest.
4(Asterism) Dhanistha should be located in the north and Revati in the north-east. These eight asterisms are located in the outer nadi carefully.
5The asterisms Rohini, Pusya, (Purva) Phalguni, Svati, Jyestha, Abhijit, 8atatara and Aivini (are located) in the middle square in order.
6I shall describe the n&4i the middle of the drawing. In that inner square, the (asterism) Mrga(iirsa) (is located) at the east, and Punarvasu at the south-east.
7-8The Uttaraphalguni (is placed) in the south. (The asterism) Citra (is located) in the south-west. Having placed Mula in the west, the Uttarasadha in the north-west, the Purvabhadrapada in the north and Revati in the north-east, the central square should be thus made to contain the eight asterisms.
9(The asterisms) Ardra, Hasta, the four Ashadha and the three Uttara should be placed inside the central square as four pillars.
10Fortifications should be made thus. A belligerent coming from outside from the direction of lord (planet) (that presides over the day) and the asterisms (representing that quarter) is sure to get the benefits.
11If the planets and asterisms at the innermost square are good, it is known that those remaining in the inner square would be victorious and defeat for that person coming (from outside).
12-13One should enter the fort when the conducive aster- ism (rules) and one should come out under the influence of conducive asterism. One should know if the battle commenced when the planets Venus, Mercury and Mars leave their respective asterism one would face defeat. If the battle commenced when the asterism held auspicious for entering the castle was ruling, then that fort would be captured. One need not get surprised.