Guidelines for storing and selling grains ||129||

1-2The Lord said: I shall describe the quantity of food-grains to be gathered when there may be fall of meteors, earthquake, hurricane, eclipse, entry of foreign matter and conflagration in different directions in different months (of the year). If these occur in the (month of) Caitra (April-May), the ornaments etc. gathered (would become) four-fold (worth) in (the course of) six months.
3All things collected in the (month of) Vaishakha (May-June) would become six-fold (worth) in eight months. In the same way, the grains such as barley and wheat (stocked) in the (months of) Jyestha (June-July) and Ashada (July-August) (would fetch more).
4(Similarly) one would get (increased returns) in the month of Margasirsha (December-January) from ghee, oil etc. purchased in (the month of) Sravana (August-September), apparels and grains in Alvina (October-November) and grains (purchased) in Karttika (November-December).
5(One would get) profit by the purchase of saffron and perfumes in Pusya (January-February), food grains in Magha (February-March) and perfumes in Phalguna (March-April). Thus the arghakanda (section on storing and selling of grains and goods) has been described.