Different spheres marked by asterisms indicating victory in battle etc. ||130||

1-2The Lord said: O Good-natured Goddess! I shall describe the four kinds of spheres (to find) one’s victory. (The asterisms) Krttika, Magha, Pusya, Purva (phalguni), Visakha, Bharan! and Purvabhadrapada belong to the sphere of fire. I shall describe its characteristic.
3-9If the wind blows, holes (are noticed) in the disc of the Sun and Moon, earthquakes (occur), hurricanes (strike), (there be) the eclipses of Sun and Moon, smoky flames, conflagration in (different) quarters, and comets are sighted and (there be) blood-like red showers, heat waves and fall of meteorites (under these asterisms), (there would follow) epidemics of eye diseases and diarrhoea. The fire would rage. The cows would yield reduced (quantity of) milk. The trees (would bear) lesser (quantity) of flowers and fruits. The food grains would get destroyed. One should foresee little rain. The four castes of people would be harassed. The entire humanity would suffer hunger. The inhabitants of (the regions of) Sindhu, Yamuna, Gurjara, Bhoja, Vahlika, Jalandhara, Kashmira and the Uttarapatha as well as these countries would be destroyed when these portents are noticed. (The asterisms) Hasta, Gitra, Magha, Svati, Mrga(sirsa) or Punarvasu, Uttaraphalguni and Asvini are spoken as comprising the sphere of wind.
10-12The people would become bereft of virtues. All would lament in despair. (The countries) Dahala, Kamarupa, Kalinga, Kosala, Ayodhya, Avanti, Konkana and Andhra would get destroyed. (The asterisms) Aslesa, Mula, Purvasadha, Revati, Bhadrapada and Uttara (form the regions where) water reigns supreme. If something unusual takes place under their influence, it should be spoken as resultant of their respective influences.
13-14Cows would have plenty of milk and trees would abound with flowers and fruits. There would be good health. The earth would abound with grains. The grains would be highly valuable. The kingdom would be prosperous. There would be grave battles among kings.
15-19(The asterisms) Jyestha, Rohini, Anuradha, Dhanistha, Uttarasadha and Abhijit witnessing any unusual commotion are said to be related to celestial(region). The subjects would be jubilant being free from all diseases. Kings would conclude treaties and the kingdom would be prosperous. The eclipses are known to be of two kinds—by the head or by the tail of Rahu. If the Sun or Moon and ascending node of Moon are in the same sign, it is known to be eclipse by the head. If it is the jamitra (the seventh sign of Zodiac) it is said to be by the tail. When the Moon stays at the fifteenth asterism from the one occupied by the Sun and if the lunar day begins and ends in between two sunrises, one should indicate the lunar eclipse.