Diagrams known as Ghatakacakra ||131||

1-3The lord said: The vowels commencing with ‘a’ should be written in a circular form commencing from the east. One should write such circles for the months Caitra (April-May) and the other months. The vowels should be considered as representing the lunar days first to thirteenth. If the (names of) lunar days of first, full moon, thirteenth, fourteenth, eighth, eleventh and seventh in the circle of Caitra happened to be pouched, one should know about one’s victory or gains. One should know that it augurs well if odd numbers (of vowels are present). It is said that it augurs bad if even numbers (of vowels are present).
4-5When the name of a person is pronounced at the time of commencement of the battle, if one’s name begins with a long vowel, he will always have victory even in dreadful battles. If the name of the warrior (commences with) short vowel, he would die without any prevention.
6If the first letter is long and the middle letter is also long (both indicate) death. If two letters at the middle are first (among the letters), it would end in the death (of the person) without any doubt.
7If there are vowels at the beginning and the end, one should know (impending) death (if the vowels are) short and victory (if the vowels are) long.
8I shall describe Naracakra (the figure of a man) consisting of asterisms. A human figure is drawn first and the asterisms are arranged (in order).
9-11Three asterisms are placed at the head (of the figure) one at its face, two at the eyes, four on the arms and two at the ears. Five asterisms (are placed) at the heart and six asterisms at the feet. The asterism for one’s name should be found out and be placed at the centre of the drawing, at the eyes, head, right- ear, right-hand, feet, heart, neck, left hand, secret organ and feet (of the human figure).
12One should know that fatality is certain at that asterism occupied by the Sun, Saturn, Mars or Rahu (the ascending node).
13I shall (now) describe the Jayacakra (the circle of victory). One should draw letters a to ha. One should draw thirteen lines (on a plane) and six lines obliquely.
14-15The quarters, planets, sages. Sun, priest and the lunar days are placed (in the chambers above) in order. Stupefaction, remembrance, scriptures, asterisms etc. and the letters a, ka, ma etc. (are written) below them. The Sun and other planets when placed in seven places, the planets are powerful at the end of the name. (The planets) Sun, Saturn and Mars (are) for victory and the planet Mercury for truce.
16-18Twelve lines are drawn, six on the right and six on the left. Fourteen, twenty-seven, two, one, fifteen, six, four, three and seventeen are known as weak points for wealth. The letters a, ka, ta and pa should be located below. After having assigned letters one by one the rest should be located as follows: the figure made up of ^letters comprising the name should be divided by eight.
19-20The quotient if identical with the number represented by a crow (fourteen) would signify the diagram a strong one, while the same equal to the numbers represented by an ass, bull, elephant, lion, horse and camel would signify greater success respectively than the preceding one.