Description of Sevacakra and the indication of accrual of benefits ||132||

1The Lord said: I shall describe the Sevacakra that indicates the gain or loss from the father, mother, brother, husband or wife.
2One should know from that from whom one would get benefits. One should draw six vertical lines and eight different lines obliquely.
3-4Then there would be thirty-five chambers. The letters should be written in these (chambers). The five vowels are drawn and afterwards one should discard the three (consonants known as) hinanga (diminutive) and write letters ka to ha in groups of siddha, sadhya, susiddha, ari and mrityu.
5Names (which begin with letters) falling under (the chambers) ari and mrityu should be avoided in all acts by one’s efforts.
6-7(The letter) falling in the first place (should be deemed) as yielding good. The second place would be a supporter and the third one would confer materials. The fourth one causes one’s own destruction, while the fifth one gives death. The chambers occupied by friendly, servile and related letters would indicate acquisition of wealth.
8All the letters respectively occupying the siddha, sadhya and susiddha always yield fruits and the two ari and mrityu, should be rejected in all undertakings.
9The vowels a, i, u, e and o are known as included in the term akaranta as told now. Now I shall describe the different species of beings for which the different groups of letters stand for.
10-11The celestials occupy letters falling under the group of letter ‘a’ the demons occupy letters of group, the serpents letters of ‘ka’ group and the gandharvas (a kind of semi-divine beings) letters of ‘ta’ group. The sages are stated to be in letters of ‘ta’ group, the demons are known to be in letters of ‘pa’ group, the goblins in letters of group and the men in letters of group.
12-13Demons are stronger than celestials, serpents than demons, gandharvas than serpents and sages than gandharvas. Demons are stronger than sages, goblins than demons and men than goblins. One (under the influence) of a stronger species should avoid (contact with one of) the weaker.
14-18Listen again duly (to the narration) about Taracakra which indicates friendship. As before it is calculated from the star and the first letter of the name of a person. The nine stars which should duly be ascertained from the natal star of a person are—janma, sampat, vipat, ksema, pratyari, dhanada, sashtiy nidhana, mitra and paramitra. The star known as the janma is inauspicious. The star (known as) sampat yields extremely great result. The star (known as) vipat makes (one’s attempts) futile. The star (known as) ksema is favourable for all undertakings and pratyari destroys one’s wealth. The star (known as) dhanada gets the benefit of kingdom etc., and the nidhana makes all attempts futile. The effect of the star (known as) mitra is friendship and that of paramitra is conferring benefits.
19O dear, the number of syllables which are the numerical equivalents of vowels in the names of two persons (to be related in any way), should be counted and added and (the total) be divided by twenty. The remainder indicates the result.
20One should find the debt and credit between the two names from the debt being indicated by lesser number of syllables and the credit by greater number of syllables.
21Friendship (would grow between two persons) whose names stand in relationship of credit and indifference in the case of relationship of debt. This is said to be the Bevacakra which indicates benefits or the contrary.
22(There would be) friendliness (between those born under the constellations) of Aries and Gemini as also between those of Gemini and Leo. There would be great amity (between the born under the constellations) of Libra and Leo as also bet¬ ween Sagittarius and Acquarius.
23-25One should not accept the service of a person if his natal sign and that of the other person are in (relation¬ ship of) friendship. There is friendship between the following Taurus and Cancer, Cancer and Acquarius, Virgo and Scorpion, Capricorn and Scorpion, Pisces and Capricorn when they are respectively the third and eleventh signs. The constellations Libra and Aries would be in great friendship, Taurus and Scorpion would be in great enmity. There would be friendship bet¬ ween Gemini and Sagittarius, Cancer and Capricorn, Capricorn and Acquarius as also Virgo and Pisces.