Sacred formula for the conquest of three worlds ||134||

1-3The Lord said: I shall describe (the formula) that conquers three worlds and crushes all (other) amulets. Om hum ksum hrum om obeisance, O Goddess! Possessing (frightful) teeth! Possessing fierce face! One having a very fierce form! Hili, hili! Possessing red eyes! Kili, kili! Possessing great sound I kulu om! Possessing a tongue resembling the lightning i kulu om! One having no flesh! kata kata! Wearing the ornament of gonasa (a kind of gem)! Cili cili! One who wears the garland of dead bodies! Drive away. Om! One having a terrible form t One who is clad in raw hide! (You) gape! Om! Dance O goddess wielding the creeper-like sword! One whose side glances have been hot with anger. One having the third eye J One whose body has been besmeared with marrow and fat! Kaha kaha om. Laugh. Be angry. Om. One possessing the colour of a blue cloud! One who has made the garland of cloud as the ornament! Shine! Om. One having the body strewn by the sound of the bell! Om! One who rides the lion! One of light- red complexion! Om hram hrim hrum. One of terrible form! Hrum hrim klim om hrim hrum om. Attract. Shake. Om he hahi khau. One who wields the club! Hum ksum ksam. One who has the form of wrath! Inflame. Om. Terribly frightening one I Break. Om. One having a big body! Cut. Om. One having a dreadful form! Burrow. The mother of great goblins! One who wards off all the wicked! Victorious one! Om. Victorious one! Om. One who conquers the three worlds! Hum phat oblations. One should propitiate the goddess of blue complexion, remaining on dead bodies and possessing twenty arms for (gaining) victory. After having located on the five parts of the body, red flowers should be offered (to the goddess). There would be routing of the (enemy) forces in the battle by the repetition of the formula (known as) conquering three worlds. Om. (Obeisance) to (the god of) manifold forms. Paralyse. Om. Stupefy. Om. Scatter away all enemies. Om. Attract (lord) Brahma. Attract (lord) Visnu. Attract (lord) Mahesvara (Siva). Om. Make (the god) Indra tremble. Om. Make the mountains move. Om. Dry up seven oceans. Om. Gut through. Cut through. Obeisance to (the god) of manifold forms. One should then meditate (while pronouncing this formula) that the enemy is present in an image of a serpent made up of earth.