Formula for success in battle ||135||

1The lord said: I shall describe the garland of words of the formula that gives victory in the battle. Om hrim (Goddess) Camunda (having a terrific form)! One who dwells in the cremation ground! One who holds in hand the club with a skull at the top! One who is riding the terrific dead body (or the body in the form of universe at the time of deluge)! One who is surrounded by the great vehicle in the form of the decaying universe! The dark night at the destruction of universe! One who is surrounded by the great attendant gods! Goddess with a great mouth! Possessing several hands! (One who holds) the bell, the little drum and the small bell! One who has a terrific laughter! Kili kili om hum phat. One who makes (the world) dark by her fierce teeth! One who makes many kinds of sounds! One who is clad in the hide of an elephant! One who is besmeared with flesh! One whose terrific tongue is licking! The great demoness! One having the terrible teeth! One who lias frightening roar of laughter! One who has the splendour of shining lightning! Move. Move. Om. One who has the eyes like the Cakora (bird)! Cili. Cili. Om. One who has a lustrous tongue! Om ahim. One who has a frown on the face! One who frightens by uttering the syllable hum! One who wears the moon on the crown on her matted hair surrounded by the garland of skulls! One who has the terrific laughter! Kili kili om hrum. One who makes (the world) dark by her frightening teeth! One who destroys all obstacles! (Yourti) accomplish this act. Om. Do it quickly. Om phat om subjugate with (your) mace. Enter. Om Dance. Dance Shake. Om. Make (the enemies) move. Om. One who is fond of blood, flesh and intoxicating drink! Kill. Om trample. Om cut. Om kill. Om chase Om make the strong body (of the enemy) fall down. Om. Enter into the beings of three worlds whether wicked or not wicked, taken possession or not. Om dance. Om extol. One who has sunken eyes! One having erect hairs! One having the face of an owl! One who holds skull (in the hand)! Om. One who wears a garland of skulls! Burn. Om. Cook. Cook. Om. Seize. Om. Enter into the middle of the circle (of the enemies). Om. Why do you delay? Overwhelm (them) with the strength of (lords) Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra and the strength of sages. Om Kili kili om khili khili vili vili om. One who displays an ugly form! One whose body is enveloped by a black serpent! One who subjugates all planets! One who has a long lip! One whose nose rests on the frowning eyes! One who is having a frightful face! One having tawny matted hair! Brahmi! Break. One whose mouth emits flames! Yell. Om. Make (the enemies) fall down. Om. One having red eyes! Roll the earth. Make (them) fall. Om. Catch hold of the head. Close the eye. Om. Catch hold of the arms and feet. Split open the posture (of the hands). Om phap om. Pierce open. Om. Cut with the trident. Om kill with the mace. Om strike with the stick. Om. Cut with the disc. Om. Break with the spear. Stake with the teeth. Om. Pierce with the middle finger. Om. Seize with the goad. Om. Relezise. Release the possessive spirits like the Dakini and Skanda and also the fevers occurring every day, second day, third day and fourth day (and the diseases of) the head and eyes. Om. Cook. Om. Destroy. Om. Make them fall to the ground. Om. Brahman! Come. Om (goddess) Mahe- svarl! Come. Om Kaumari! Come. Om Vaisnavi! Come. Om Varahi! Come. Om Aindri! Come. Om. Camunda. Come. Om Revati! Come. Om. Akasarevati. Come. Om. One who moves like the snow. Come. Om. One who has slain (the demon) Rnru! One who annihilated the demons! One who goes in heaven! Bind. Bind with the noose. Pierce with the goad. Stand for the moment. Om enter the circle (of enemies)! Om. Seize. Bind the face. Om. Bind the eyes, arms and feet. Bind the malefic planets. Om. Bind directions. Charm the cardinal points, the space below and all places. Om. Subjugate all with ashes or water or earth or mustard. Om. Make them fall. Om. (goddess) Camunda! Kili kili am vicce hum phat oblations. This is known as the garland of words that accomplishes all acts.
2-6One gets victory in battle always by oblations, repetitions and reading of this formula. One has to contemplate (on the goddess) as having twenty-eight hands holding the sword, club, mace, stick, bow, arrow, clenched fist, .hammer, conch, sword, banner, club, disc, axe, little drum, mirror, spear, dart, plough, mace, nose, an iron club, large drum, panava (a kind of musical instrument), conferring pose, clenched fist, threatening posture, killing the (demon in the form of a) buffalo in the pairs of hands. By making oblations one would conquer the enemies. The (above) oblations should be done with three sweet things (honey sugar and clarified butter). This incantation should not be disclosed to everyone.