Rites of consecration of doors of a temple ||100||

1The Lord said: Then I shall describe the mode of consecrating the doors (of a temple). After having washed the door frames with decoctions of herbs, they should be laid on the bed.
2-3The three fundamental principles—the soul etc. together with their lords should be located in the lower, middle and upper parts. After having offered oblations, and repeated the rupa mantras, the vastu (the presiding spirit of the place) should be worshipped there itself with the mantra of Ananta (an important serpent chief). After having placed the five things gem etc., the rite of appeasement should be done.
4-5Barley, white mustard, kranta, riddhi, vriddhi, mahatila, gomrit, mustard, rajendra, mohani, lakshmana, amrita, roc and, rug, vaca, durva and pitfall should be placed on the threshold under the temple in their natural form for the sake of protection after the recitation of (the syllable) om.
6The northern door should be consecrated after sprinkling water. The fundamental principle of the soul should be located under that and the principle of knowledge on the sides.
7The principle of bliss (should be located) in the region of the sky as permeating the entire region. Then (lord) Mahesanatha (Siva) should be installed with (the recitation of) the principal mantra.
8The turrets etc. resting on the door (should be located) with their respective names appended. Oblation to fire should be made hundred times or half the number of times or twice that or according to one’s ability.
9One hundred oblations should be made with the mantra of the weapons to ward off defects of omission etc. After having offered oblations for the quarters, the fees etc. should be paid.