The diagram ofasterisms indicating the period for undertaking a journey ||136||

1-6The Lord said: I shall describe the diagram indicating good or bad results in journey undertaken. A diagram consisting of three columns should be drawn and (the asterisms) Asvini etc. should be represented therein (by their first letters). (The asterisms) Asvini, Ardra, Purva (phalguni), Uttaraphalguni, Hasta, Jyestha, Mula, Varuna (Satabhisak) and Ajaikapat (Purvabhadrapada) consist of first column. (The asterisms) Yamya (Bharani), Mrgasira, Pusya, Bhagya (Purvaphalguni), Gitra, Maitra (Anuradha), Apya (Purvasadha), Vasava (Jyestha) and Ahirbudhnya (Uttarabhadrapada) (are located in the second column). (The asterisms) Krttika, Rohini, Ahihi (Aslesa) Citra, Svati, Visakha, Sravana and Revati are located in the third (column). One should know the good or bad results from the asterisms associated with’ three columns. This is known as the diagram of phanisvara (lord of serpents) divided into three columns. The presence in Sun, Mars, Saturn and Rahu (the ascending node) indicate bad luck and the rest good luck. The position is the same, such as the country or village, the brothers and wife indicate good. The twenty-seven asterisms should be known as (represented by letters) a, bha, kri, ro, mri, a, pu, pu, a, ma, pu, u, ha, ci, sva, vi, a, jye, mu, pu, u, sra, dha, sa, pu, u and re.