Description of the formula known as Mahamari ||137||

1The Lord said: I shall describe the formula known as Mahamari (that which brings death) that routs the enemies. Om hrim Mahamari! One having red eyes! One having black complexion! O One who commands the god of death! One who destroys all beings! Kill such and such a person. Kill. Om burn, hum. Om cook, cook. Om pierce, pierce. Om kill, kill. Om annihilate, annihilate. Om one who charms all good (beings)! One who grants all desires! Hum phap oblations. Om Mari! Obeisance to the heart. Om Mahamari! Oblations to the head. Om Dreadful night (at the time of deluge)! Vausap to the tuft. Om possessing black complexion! Khah to the armour hum. Om one having starry eyes! One having the tongue-like lightning! One who frightens all beings! Protect, protect in all my undertakings. Hram. To the three-eyed vasat, Om Mahamari! One who controls all beings! Mahakali! To the weapons hum phat. O Great goddess 1 This is the rite of location to be performed by the votary.
2-3After having collected from the dead body, the cloth of the shape of a square of three cubit’s length, one should draw (the image of the goddess) of black complexion, having three faces and four hands, (and draw) on the cloth with different colours, (the weapons) bow, spear, scissor, staff with skull at its top and the eastern face having black colour.
4-6By the fall of the sight (of this face) it would devour the man in front. The second (face) on the south (is) red- red-tongued, frightening, licking, dreadful and frightful with protruded lips through which a row of horrid teeth are visible. A look at this (face) is sure to devour the horses etc. (of the enemies). The third face of the goddess is of white colour and is the destroyer of the elephant etc. The western face (of the goddess) should be propitiated with incense, flower, honey and clarified butter etc.
7By the remembrance of this sacred syllable the diseases of the eye, head and others (limbs) get destroyed. The yakshas (semi-divine beings) and demons come under one’s control. The enemies get destroyed.
8There is no doubt that by oblation made with the twigs of margosa tree mixed with the blood of a she-goat, the angry votary would kill (his enemies).
9If the oblation is done for seven days in front of the army of the enemy, the army would be afflicted with diseases and the enemies get routed.
10In whose name eight thousand oblations are made with (the same) twigs, he would die even if protected by Brahma.
11(If oblations arc made) for three days with the twigs of unmatta (a kind of plant) with blood and poison for thousand times, the enemy would get destroyed together with his army.
12One would rout the enemy by doing oblations of black mustard and salt for three days. The oblations made with the addition of the blood of an ass would make the enemy fly away.
13The oblation made with the addition of the blood of a crow would cause annihilation of the enemy. Whatever (the votary) does as he wished for the destruction (of the enemy) (should be completed with an oblation performed with the same material).
14-18Then at the time of battle the votary should ride an elephant accompanied by a couple of girls, his body having been sanctified by sacred syllables. He should then charm the musical instruments like the conch etc. at some distance (from the enemy) and should cut (the enemy forces) at the battlefield holding the cloth containing the figure of Mahamaya. He should show that great cloth against the army of the enemy. The girls should be fed therein and the lump (of food?) should be carried round. The votary should then think that the army has become immobile like a stone, crest-fallen, broken and confused. This paralysing (formula) has been uttered by me. It should not be disclosed to everyone. The cloth described above (may also have the outlines of) Durga, Bhairavi, Kubjika, (different forms of the consort of Siva), Rudra and Narasimha (man-lion) manifestation of Vishnu) besides those of (Maha) maya that conquers the three worlds.