The names of sixty years of Hindu cycle and the good or bad results from them ||139||

1The lord said: Listen! I shall describe the names of sixty years and the good or bad results from them. Sacrificial rites (would be done) in Prabhava. The people would be comfortable in Vibhava.
2All grains (grow well) in Sukla. (People) rejoice in Pramoda (Pramodat). There would be increase (of articles of Comforts) in Prajapati (Prajotpatti). (The year) Angira (Angirasa) would increase comforts.
3The people (population) increase in Srimukha. Thoughts flourish well in Bhava (Bhava). (In the year) Yuva the life essence gets filled up. Dhata makes the herbs sprout well.
4Isvara (gives) welfare and health. Bahuddna gives prosperity. In Pramatki (there would be) moderate rains. There would be plenty of grains in Vikrama.
5Vrsha (Vitu) makes all things thrive. Citrabhanu sees many wonderful events. Svarbhdnu (gives) prosperity and health. The clouds are favourable in Tirana.
6(There would be) abundance of rains in Parthiva. Jaya (Vtjaya) (indicates) excessive rains. Sarvajit (indicates) good showers. Sarvadhatri gives prosperity.
7Virodhi destroys clouds. (Vikrti) causes panic. Men become chivalrous in Khara. The people rejoice in Nandana.
8-9Vijaya kills enemies. (Jaya) annihilates enemies and diseases. People suffer from fever in Manmatha. People become wicked in the cruel Durmukha. There will not be prosperity in Hemalamba. O great goddess! the year Vilamba gives prosperity.
10Vikari causes the wrath of enemies. O Victorious one! (The year) Sarvadd (Sarvari) gives comforts to all. Water inundates (the earth) in Plava. O Good-natured one! The people do auspicious things in iSubhakrit.
11The people (become) cruel in In Anala (Nala) (there would be plenty of) different kinds of grains. (There would be) good showers in Pingala and destruction of wealth in Kalayukti.
12All things are accomplished in Siddhdrtha (Siddhdrthi), Dreadful events take place in Raudra (Raudri). (There would be) moderate rains in Durmati. Dundubhi causes welfare and (plenty of) grains.
13It rains well in Rudhirodgari. Raktaksa and Krodhana (give) victory. In Ksaya (Aksaya) people get reduced to poverty. These are the sixty years.