Description of herbs used in charms, medicines etc. ||141||

1The Lord said: I shall describe the effect of the herbs arranged in 36 squares which were used by lords Brahma, Rudra and Indra and which if used make men immortals.
2-5(They are)—haritaki, aksi, dhatri, marica, pippali, silpha, vahni, sunthi, pippali, guduci, vaca, nimba, vasaka, Satamuli, saindha, sindhu-varaka, kantakari, goksuraka, bilva, paunarnava, bala, erandamundi, rucaka, bhringa, ksara, parpata, dhanyaka, jiraka, satapuspi, javanika, vidanga, khadira, kritamala, haridra and siddhdrtha located in the 36 squares.
6-10The herbs duly counted from one and placed in all squares are highly efficacious in curing ailments, making (men) immortal and cure wrinkles and baldness. Their crushed powder compounded and treated with mercury and used as an electuary with pieces of jaggery, honey or ghee or as an astringent or through the medium of ghee or oil taken by all would save their lives. One can take half a karsa or one karsa or half a pala or one pala and may live for 300 years although he may be pursuing an undisciplined way of life. There is no other combination more (efficacious) than this remedy reviving the dead.
11One gets free from all diseases by the combination of the first nine (herbs). One gets free from aches by (the use of) second, third and fourth (herbs).
12So also (one gets free from all diseases by the use of) six herbs from first to sixth as well as ninth.
13One gets free from wind (affecting the body) by (the use of herbs) one to eight and from biles by agni (third) bhaskara (twelfth), twenty-sixth and twenty-seventh.
14One gets cured of (deranged) phlegm by (the use of herbs) (fifth), (sixth), saila (seventh) vasu (eighth) and tithi (fifteenth). (Herbs denoted by) veda (four), agni (three), bdna (five) and six would be (efficacious) against (diseases caused by) charm.
15One would get freed from (all afflictions due to) planets and being possessed (by goblins) by (the due use of herbs denoted by) one, two, three, six, seven, eight, nine and eleven.
16There is no doubt that (they would also be cured by herbs denoted) by thirty-two, fifteen and twelve. This knowledge relating to thirty-six places should not be imparted to everyone.