Description of medicinal incantations ||142||

1-2The Lord said: I shall describe the medicinal incantations and diagrams which yield all (desires). The number of letters composing the name of a thief should be doubled (and added to) the number of its syllables multiplied by four. (The total thus obtained) should be divided by (the number of letters in) the name (of a person) and if there be any remainder (he should be reckoned as) a thief. I shall describe (the process of reckoning) the birth (of a child). If there are odd numbers of letters in the question (put to the soothsayer), it indicates that the child in the womb would be a male.
3-4(The child would be born) blind in the left eye if the letters in the name are even and in the right eye if the letters are odd. The number of letters composing the names of both the male and female should be multiplied by the number of their syllables and divided by four. (The quotient), if even, (would indicate the birth of) a female child and if odd, a male child. If there is no remainder, (it indicates) the death of the woman,
5If there is no remainder in the former, (it indicates) the death of the husband first. In hoary science one should take the subtle aksara in all divisions.
6-7I shall describe the diagram of Saturn. One should avoid the aspect of that (Saturn) (at all times). (The Saturn in) its house has one hundred and fourteen (units) aspect at the seventh. It has one-fourth its aspect in the first, second, eighth and twelfth (places). One should avoid them. The lord of the day governs one eighth part of a day. The others govern half a yama (three hours).
8-10aOne should avoid the period of Saturn during the battle. I shall describe the rule of Rahu (the ascending node) on a day. It (lies) always at the east on Sunday, at south¬ east on Saturday, at the south on Thursday, at the north-west on Friday, at the south-east on Tuesday, and at the north on Wednesday, while the Phanirahu lies enclosing at the north¬ east, south-east, south-west and north-west and kills one who sets on a journey against it.
10b-13I shall describe the position of Rahu on different days of a month. Rahu kills the enemy facing it on the full moon day at the south-east and on new moon day at the north-west. Rahu will lie facing on the days represented by (the letters) ka toja and, in the south on (the days of) sa to da, in the east on (the days of) dha to ma and in the north on (the days of) ya to ha and one should avoid those associated with Mars in the bright (fortnight). Three lines towards the east and three lines towards the south (should be written) and then one should write from Suryarasi onwards in the main division. (If battle is made) in the rasi aspected by Rahu there will be defeat and victory if otherwise.
14-18aI shall describe the vistirahu. Eight lines should be drawn. The Rahu, the great, moves with the visti (hell) from the north-east to the south, south to the north-west, from the north-west to the east, from the east to the west, from the south¬ west to the north, from the north to the south-east and then to the west and from the west to the north-east. The Rahu kills the enemies on the third day (of a lunar month) in the north¬ east, on the seventh day in the south and so also in the dark and bright fortnights in the north-west. (One has to propitiate), Indra and others, Bhairava and others, brahmin and others and planets numbering eight in each class in the cast and other (directions) and the vata-yogini (the presiding goddess) in (the directions) south and others. One should kill the enemy in that direction in which the wind blows.
18b-19I shall describe (the rite) that strengthens one. (The herb known as) Sarapunkhika. if worn on the neck, arm etc. on (a day ruled by the asterism) Pusya would prevent the (enemy’s weapon) striking at the neck. Aparajita and Patha, the two (herbs) in the same manner would ward off the sword. (The following is the mantra to be used):—Om. Obeisance. Goddess Vajrasninkhala! Kill. Kill. Om. Devour. Devour. Om. Eat. Am. Eh. Drink the blood with the skull O Redeyed one! One having the red cloth! One having the body besmeared with ashes! One wielding the weapon of mace! One who is covered by the action of the mace! Close, close the eastern direction. Om. Close, close the southern direction. Om, Close, close the western direction. Om. Close, close the northern direction. Bind, bind the serpents. Bind, bind the wives of the serpents. Om. Bind, bind the demons. Om. Bind, bind the Yaksas, demons and goblins. Om. Guard, guard (me) from the dead, goblins and Gandharvas, whoever troubles me. Om, Guard, guard above. Om. Guard, guard below. Om. Bind, bind the knife. Om. Burn. One of great strength! Ghati ghatoi: Om Moti moti satavali. Fiery mace! One who strikes with the mace I Him phat hrim hrum srimphat hrim hah phum phem phau. From all planets, from all diseases from all wicked afflictions, hrim from all things guard, guard me. One should employ this in all acts such as those relating to the planets, fevers and goblins.