Mode of worship of Goddess Kubjika ||143||

1The Lord said: I shall describe the mode of worship of (goddess) Kubjika that accomplishes all comforts. (It is only by such worship) the celestials had conquered the demons together with their weapons and kingdom.
2-3One should locate the mayabija (the secret basic mantra of the goddess) at the secret organ and the six (syllables) of the weapons on the hand. (One should say) Kali, Kali (and touch) the heart and Dushacandalika (vicious Gandalika) (and touch) the head, “hrim sphem ha sa kha ka cha da syllable om Bhairava” (is the mantra to be said to touch) the tuft. Bhelak! (for) the kaoaca (armour) and Duti and Raktacandika (for) the eyes.
4-5(Then one should say) guhya Kubjika (and touch) the weapon. One should worship (goddess Kubjika) in the lotus at the centre and the seat at the south-east, the head at the north-east, the tuft at the south-west, the armour at the west, the eyes at the centre and the weapons in all directions of the circle in the thirty-two petals. The principal mantra (for the goddess Kubjika is) ha, sa, ksa, ma, la, na, va, vasad.”
6(The eight goddesses) Brahmani, Mahesi, Kaumari, Vaisnavi, Varahi, Mahendri, Camunda and Candika (should be worshipped) in the directions east onwards.
7-8One has to (locate and) worship (the subtle letters) ra, va, la, ka, sa, and ha at the (petals at the) north-east, east, south-east, south, south-west and west. A garland of flowers and the five mountains such as Uddiyana, Jalandhara, Purnagiri and Kamarupa should be worshipped at the north-west, north¬ east, south-east and south-west and (goddess) Kubjika at the centre.
9-10The five Vimalas such as Anadivimala, Sarvajnavimala, Prasiddhavimala, Sarhyogavimala and Samayavimala (should be worshipped at the tips (of the petals) at the north¬ west, north-cast, south-west, south-east and north.
11-14Khinkhini, $astha, Sopama, Susthira and Ratnasundari (should be worshipped) in the north-east corner for (the worship of) Kubjika. The eight Adinatlias—Mitra, Odisa, $asthi, Varsa etc. (constituting) the jewels of heaven (should be worshipped) in the south-east, west and north-west and the kavacaratna (the excellent mantras serving as armour) in the west. (The syllable) ‘hrum!’ (should be worshipped) in the north-west, north-east and south-east together with the five basic letters. The five gems (the divine mothers) (should be located and worshipped) at the south and south-east. Among these, the three, Jyestha, Raudri and Antika are very old. They and other goddesses and others (should be worshipped) with the five prariavas (syllable om). The worship is of two kinds—twenty-seven and twenty-eight.
15-17Then (the god) Ganapati (lord of the attendant gods on Siva and son of the latter) of the form of pranava and a boy should be worshipped duly with (the mantra om em gum. Ganapati should be worshipped in a square diagram on the south. The Vatuka (form of Ganapati) (should be worshipped) on the left. The sixteen preceptors—nathas (tantrik preceptors) and eighteen nathas should be worshipped in the north-west and other (directions). Then the gods Brahma and others (should be worshipped) around in the six angular points. At the centre the nine gods (should be worshipped). This is always the mode of worship of (goddesses) Kubjika, Kula(4 etc.