Pregnancy of the Air ||22||

1The first four days commencing from the 8th day of the bright half of Jyeshta are sustained by the winds; and they will prove favourable if they be attended with soft and gentle breeze, and if the sky be covered with glossy clouds.
2If there be rain in the four asterisms beginning with Swati in the same month and fortnight, the four months commencing with Sravana will be in order the retainers of rain. That is, there will be no rain in the several months if there be rain in the corresponding asterism.
3If those four days of retention (Dharana) be of the same type, the result will be auspicious. If, unlike, they prove disastrous and are said to engender danger from thieves. The following is the authority of sage Vasishta.
4-8The days of retention of the foetus will be favourable if they be accompanied by lightning, water-drops, dust-storm, and the Sun and the Moon screened by the clouds. If there should be beautiful flashes of lightning emanating from (moving towards?) the auspicious quarters, an intelligent astronomer should predict the thriving of all crops. If on the same day there be rain with dust or if children engage themselves in happy sports, the cries of birds be pleasant and their sport be in dust, water or the like, if the Sun and tibe Moon , be encircled by halos which are glossy and not broken, then, there will be rain tending to the growth of all crops. If the clouds be glossy, collected together and moving in a clockwise manner, there will be a heavy rain favouring the growth of all crops.