The Quantity of Rainfall ||23||

1If there should be rain in the asterisms commencing with Purvashadha after the full Moon in the month of Jyeshta, the astronomer should judge the quantity and the good or bad effects of the rain.
2The quantity of rainfall should be determined through a gauge whose diameter is one cubit, and when it contains 50 Palas, it will be equal to one Adhaka.
3The quantity of rain should be gauged on the day of the asterism during which there is rain for the first time through the (amount of) rain by which the earth is cleared of dust or the drops of water on the tips of blades of grass.
4Some sages such as Kasypa opine that if there be rain in a certain area at the beginning, there will be good rain there throughout the season; while others such as Devala maintain that if there be rain over an area of ten Yojanas, there will be plenty of rain during the whole season. But, according to Garga, Vasishta and Parasara, good rain during the season should be predicted if there be rainfall over an area of not less than twelve Yojanas.
5In whichever stars there was rain at the beginning, there will generally be rain once again in the same stars. If there was no rain at all in any one of the asterisms beginning with Purvashadha at the time of delivery, then there will be no rain in the season.
6-9If there should be rain in any one of the asterisms, viz, Hasta, Purvashadha, Mrigasirai Chittra, Revati and Dhanishta, the quantity of rainfall in the season will be 16 Dronas; in Satabhishak, Jyeshta and Swati, it will be 4 Dronas; in Krittika, 10 Dronas in Sravana, Magha, Anuradha, Bharani and Moola, 14 Dronas; in Purvaphalguni, 25 Dronas; in Punarvasu, 20 Dronas; in Visakha and Uttarashadha, 20 Dronas; in Aslesha, 13 Dronas. In Uttarabhadra, Uttaraphalguni and Rohini, it is 25 Dronas. In Purvabhadra and Pushya, it is 15 Dronas; in Aswini, 12 Dronas; in Ardra, it is 13 Dronas. These quantities will hold good, provided the asterisms are not hurt in any way.
10If an asterism be afflicted by the Sun, Saturn or Ketu, or hurt by Mars, or by the three-fold portent, there will be no prosperity to mankind, nor will there be any rain. But if the asterism be unhurt and conjoined with benefics, beneficial results, will accrue.