Haze ||38||

1They say that a king will be slain when all the quarters are screened by dust, resembling the mass of pitch darkness, so as to make the mountains, cities and trees indistinguishable.
2There will undoubtedly be danger within a week to that quarter wherein a mass of smoke appears at first or disappears.
3When the mass of the clouds of dust is white) there is suffering in store for ministers and subjects alike, and before long weapons will begin their work of destruction and peace will be restored with very great difficulty (after confusion has set in).
4Dust appearing prominently, covering, as it were, the sky completely at Sunrise for a day or two successively, augurs terrible disaster.
5Diet appearing in a mass throughout a Plight brings about the death of leading sovereigns, but bestows prosperity on other clever kings.
6When a thick cloud of dust spreads over a kingdom for two nights successively, it should be understood that the country will be the victim of foreign invasion.
7If dust falls continuously for three or even four nights, food-grains and liquid-substances will be destroyed: and if for five nights, there will be mutiny in the forces of kings.
8Dust augurs terrible danger only when it is independent of the rise of Ketus, etc. The sages declare that the effects will be fully realized only in seasons other than winter.