Hurricane ||39||

1When a wind struck by another dashes against the earth from the sky, a portentous thunder is produced. It is harmful when it is attended by the harsh cries of birds facing the Sun.
2-5At Sunrise such a thunder destroys judges, kings, moneyed persons, warriors, women, traders and courtesans; in the first (watch of the day) period of three hours after Sunrise, goats, sheep, Sudras and citizens; in the second watch, kings’ servants and Brahmins; in the third watch, merchants and clouds ; in the fourth, thieves; at Sunset, iniquitous persons ; in the first watch of the night, crops ; in the second, groups of goblins; in the third, horses and elephants ; and in the fourth, marchers. The direction from which issues the sound, terrific and hollow (like that of a breaking pot), is destroyed.