Growth of Crops ||40||

1On the authority of Sage Badarayana are stated the following Yogas, planetary configurations—both good and bad—for the growth of summer and autumnal crops at the time of the Sun’s entry into Vrischika and Vrishabha respectively.
2If at the time of the Sun’s entry into Vrischika, the Kendras from him are occupied by benefics or he is aspected by (or conjoined with) strong benefics, summer crops will thrive splendidly.
3When the Sun is posited in Vrischika, and Jointer and the Moon in Kumba and Simha, or vice versa, summer crops will prosper.
4When Venus or Mercury, or both, are posited in the second house from the Sun (in Vrischika), or similarly in the 12th house, summer corn will grow well. If the Sun in addition be aspected by Jupiter, the growth will be splendid.
5When Vrischika, wherein is posited the Sun, is surrounded on either side, i.e., the 2nd and the 12th. by benefics, i.e., Mercury and Venus, and when the 7th house from the Sun is occupied by Jupiter and the Moon, there will be excellent growth of corn. When the Sun is posited in the initial part of Vrischika and Jupiter in the second house from it, the growth will be only half.
6When Venus, the Moon and Mercury are posited in their order in the 11th, 4th and 2nd from the Sun in Vrischika, corn will thrive well. If in the above Yoga, Jupiter is posited in the 10th, the great prosperity of cattle also is assured.
7If at the time of the Sun’s entry into Vrischika, Jupiter be posited in Kumbha, the Moon in Vrishabha, Mars and Saturn in Makara, there is great prosperity of corn; but later there will be danger from hostile invasion and disease.
8The Sun in Vrischika, being surrounded on both sides (2nd and 12th) by malefics, destroys crops. If there be a malefic in the 7th house from Vrischika, crops will be destroyed even though they grow well.
9A malefic in the 2nd house from Vrischika, being unaspected by benefics will destroy the crops grown first; but will enable those sown subsequently to bear fruit fully.
10Mars and Saturn posited in the 7th and another Kendra house from the Sun in Vrischika destroy crops; and if aspected by benefics, they do not destroy corn everywhere.
11When the two malefics occupy the 6th and the 7th houses from the Sun in Vrischika, there will be good growth of crops, but a fall in the price will take place.
12According to the rule enunciated above, scholars should declare the (good growth or destruction) prosperity or adversity of the autumnal corn when the Sun enters Taurus.
13When the Sun, posited in Mesha Vrishabha or Mithuna, is cojoined with or aspected by benefics (Mercury, Jupiter and Venus), summer com will fetch good price, will be free from pests and be entirely useful.
14Similarly, the Sun posited in any one of the signs Dhanus, Makara and Kumbha and aspected by or conjoined with the benefics, makes the autumnal crops flourish and fetch fair price, etc. But at the time of harvest, if the Sun be aspected by or conjoined with the two malefics, effects, quite contrary to the above should be understood to happen (i.e. the corn will be very costly, useless and infested with pest. But for sale, the period will be all right.)