Fluctuation of Prices ||42||

1-2By observing excessive rain, meteor, rod, halo, eclipse, mock-Sun and such other portents on the New-Moon and Full-Moon days and also at the Sun’s entrance into a new sign, every month, one should foretell a change in the prices of articles. These phenomena on other days indicate kings sufferings through wars.
3At the time of the Sun’s entrance into Mesha and Vrishabha (observing the above portents), one should collect (buy) Summer corn, and forest roots and fruits respectively and by selling them in the fourth month, he would gain much profit.
4Should one collect all kinds of juice (liquids) and corn when the Sun is in Mithuna (with the above phenomena) and sell them in the sixth month, he would make large profits.
5Similarly should one store up honey, perfumes, oils, ghee and sugarcane syrup, when the Sun is in Karkataka and sell them in the second month; he would make cent per cent profit; he would sustain loss if the selling time exceeds or falls short of that.
6If one stores up gold, gems, skins, armours, weapons, pearls and silver when the Sun is in Simha, and sell them in the 5th month, he will get profit and sustain loss otherwise.
7If one collects chowries, donkeys, camels and horses when the Sun is in Kanya and sells them in the sixth month, he will get an equal amount as profit.
8If often buys and keeps cotton cloths and the like, jewels, blankets, glass, yellow flowers and corn, when the Sun is in Tula and sells them in six months, he will make 100 per cent profit.
9If fruits, bulbs, roots and varieties of gems are kept for two years, when the Sun is in Vrischika and then sold, they will fetch double their price.
10When the Sun is in Dhanus, if one hoards saffron, conch shells, corals, glass and pearls, and then sells them in six months, one will get double the amount invested.
11When the Sun is in Makara or Kumbha, one wishing for profit will do well to store up metallic vessels and grains and to sell them after a month. He will then get double the amount invested.
12If one collects roots, fruits, bulbs, vessels and gems when the Sun has entered Meena and disposes of them after six months, he will get as much profit as he desires at the beginning.
13The determination of profits mentioned above depends upon the factor, viz., the Sun or the Moon in the different signs, being conjoined with very friendly planets and aspected by planets who are very friendly.
14The Moon in conjunction with the Sun (New Moon) or in full disc and associated with and aspected by benefics promotes invariably the price of articles belonging to that particular Rasi occupied by her. Similarly, the Sun, conjoined which and aspected by malefics, destroys the price of the articles of that Rasi. Thus, should one make predictions—good or bad—regarding the price of materials, having duly understood the articles belonging to each of the signs.